Great care! Valve warns of scams related to Counter-Strike 2

Following a wave of rumors and speculation, Valve announced this week that counter strike 2 it is a reality and will officially arrive sometime in the summer of this year. The best part? A Beta period has already begun and dozens of players have already had the opportunity to enjoy the news that came to the multiplayer FPS. Unfortunately, the criminals took advantage of this opportunity to do their own thing.

Accessing the trial period is far from easy, since only true enthusiasts of CS:GO. Specifically, Valve will choose players based on a number of factors, including play time, Steam account value, and more.

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Careful! Scammers offer access to the Counter-Strike 2 Beta

Although the company will add new players to the test progressively, it is very possible that a considerable percentage of the community will be left out and have to wait until the official launch to enjoy the news it offers. counter strike 2.

Unfortunately, ill-intentioned people want to take advantage of the enthusiasm and eagerness of the fans. Following the announcement of the online FPS, fraudulent websites began to emerge, allegedly offering codes to access the Closed Beta. It is a trap! What these pages do is collect data to steal Steam accounts and other personal information.

Valve took to its official Twitter account to warn the community about these potential scams. He recalled that access to the trial period is through an invitation and that the chosen players will be notified through the main menu of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

It is important to note that there are no codes or keys that allow you to participate in the Beta of counter strike 2. Thus, any website or individual offering such items is fraudulent and may want to scam users.

But tell us, were you selected to play the Beta? What do you think about it? Let us read you in the comments.

counter strike 2 it will be available sometime this summer on PC via Steam. Click here to read the latest news on this competitive title.

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