Heinz and Fortnite create game to educate about agriculture

  • The market value of the video game industry reached a value of 198 thousand 500 million dollars.

  • Video game competitions totaled approximately $940 million.

  • Fortnite accumulates 350 million players around the world.

Unions between brands are becoming more and more common, especially when it comes to carrying a powerful message. that did it Heinz in his recent union with the video game Fortnite, creating a game to educate today’s youth about the preservation of current agricultural resources around the world.

This union is very striking, since they are two brands from different industries, but the condiment company recognizes the growth of the video game sector, where according to data from a study by Mordor Intelligence, the market value of the video game industry reached a value of approximately 198 thousand 500 million US dollars and it is expected that by 2027 the value will increase by about 141.6 million .

In this sense, this industry registers annual income generated worldwide by video game competitions, also known as such as electronic sports or eSports; in 2020 they amounted to approximately 940 million US dollars.

Heinz and Fortnite unite

As part of showing a reality to today’s youth, the famous ketchup brand, Heinz, has decided to launch in conjunction with the Fornite video game an awareness campaign to preserve agricultural resources and thus prevent foods such as tomatoes from “suffering a game over” in the future.

“Soil plays an essential role in the food system. In fact, it is estimated that 95 percent of the food we eat is produced directly or indirectly in the soil.. But according to environmental experts, our soils are at risk and could disappear in just one generation if we don’t act in time,” Heinz explained in a press release.

He also explains that in this video game, the company created an island, in in which players will have to take care of their tomato crops by implementing some sustainable and regenerative practices.

In this sense, it stands out that each of these practices that the brand promotes in its video game is done by Heinz to cultivate its products, guaranteeing their quality.

In their statement, the brands add that the video game, which will bear the name of “SOS Tomatoes” and will be available to Fortnite players between the ages of 18 and 34.

Like a video game, users will be able to start playing in greenhouses with small tomato plants and then transplant them in the fields, where they will grow and obtain ripe tomatoes.

The signatures explain this game, although it is intended to educate, players will have a difficulty quota that is the usual Fortnite safe zone, it will be chosen 33 percent faster than usual, thus representing the speed at which it is decreasing soil health in real life.

But that’s not all, with the game users will be able to contribute 30 dollars to the campaign and donate for each hectare of tomato crops that the player manages to plant.

And this is how, in a creative and fun way, brands are carrying strong messages to the new generations of consumers, who are increasingly attracted to social networks and video games, which is why companies are betting on these tools. your advertising campaigns.

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