La Nación / Paraguayan leads the advance of cultured pork

As an alternative to supply the world demand for meat in the long term, the Paraguayan scientist Bryan González is leading a project of cultured pork in a US company.

As he commented, there is a lot of interest in this technology because the population will continue to grow, which will require a greater amount of protein, which also has a production model with a view to lightening the ecological footprint.

He maintained that conventional products, whether from cows or pigs, will never be replaced, but that this option may help in the future. “The demand will be so great that it will not be sustainable because of the way we eat,” he said.

He explained that the proposal is different from the synthetic one because it works with a piece of animal muscle and fat, to then expand the cells and produce grams, kilograms, even tons. González has a PhD in medical and metabolic biology, and works on the development of this innovation at the American company Fork and Good. He mentioned that all the years of work in the field of reconstruction of human organ tissues helped him to apply them in the company, but already in animal products.

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