León already has his ‘Ash Ketchum’

León already has his particular Ash Ketchump. He did not leave Pueblo Paleta, but from the capital of Leon itself and from there he has conquered Europe. His starting goal was not to become the best, but he wouldn’t mind getting to any corner.

Jony Ordóñez was proclaimed regional champion of Pokémon GO in a tournament held in Utrecht and that has given him a place to fight to be the number one Pokémon master in the world.

Jony celebrates his championship success with his girlfriend Andrea, who also participated in the event.

better than expected

It was his first experience in a face-to-face competitive tournament and it was to accompany his partner and go sightseeing. “It went quite well, better than expected,” she confesses. She came without pressure and for the mere fact of having fun. «I was not eating my head, but I reached the final and once there I did think that I could go to the World Cup. And everything went well.”

The game in the Netherlands brought together 160 participants from all over the continents. He fell to the losers’ table, but came back to reach the final with the favorite, whom he defeated up to two times.

Jony attends an interview with leonoticias in the Plaza de Regla.


The game looks for rivals of your rank and you have three Pokemon for combat. It is necessary to plan a strategy and come out with a balanced team “because if you have to face a bug that beats all three of yours, you are eliminated.” Strategy, reading the opponent, being very focused and counting each attack to know where the next blow can come from. «People only see two people ‘tapping’, but there is much more behind it».

His team consisted of six ‘meta’ pokémon, of the most common, with Medicham or Noctowl as the most valuable to play their own strategy. «It is key that you do not go very weak to the things that are usually played. There are some bugs that are better than others and of those you have to have at least a couple to win.

to the world cup in Japan

And the prize was more than succulent. In addition to cash and collection cards, this Leon won a ticket for the World Cup to be held in Japan in August.

The championship will be hosted by the city of Yokohama on August 11. This Renfe train driver has had to change his vacations to adapt them to this date and will come accompanied by his girlfriend Andrea, who was already a talisman in the Netherlands. “Being a country that I have never been to, I will take the opportunity to visit it, play, have fun and meet people from other continents.” In front of him he will have authentic Pokémon GO masters, so he faces it as one more “experience” of his life.

He goes back with the sole objective of enjoying himself and, if luck is with him, passing rounds until he becomes the world champion of this addictive intergenerational game that has already been successful all over the planet.

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