Nisqy takes stock of the beginning of the MAD Lions Spring Split 2023

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He Spring Split 2023 of MAD lions He is not being the best of his career. The lions barely have two victories and their place in the best of three could be in danger. During the last three days of competition they will have to step up if they want to avoid being left out completely. About this Yasin Dinçer spoke «nisqy«, midlaner of the two-time champion of the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) with tom matthiesen for the middle EM DASH ESPORTS.

Nisqy has always been one of those players criticized for better and for worse. He is capable of giving the best and the worst in equal parts. On occasions we have seen midlaner Belgian to surpass practically all his rivals, although in many others he has not managed to reach the level that is required of him. And that seems to be happening during these first weeks of spring, Although more than a player problem, it is noticeable that we are facing team errors in general.

Nisqy talks about the current MAD Lions and the level of the LEC

As the player pointed out in the interview, the team hasn’t practiced much between the winter campaign and the Spring Split 2023, something that has ended up taking its toll. «Annie’s meta has arrived, also the launch of the new Aurelion Sol… The meta has changed a lot. To this we must add that we were not at our best mechanical level after the breakNisqy said.

As highlighted, most team mistakes come at the individual level and this is something that is produced by training and practices. «If you keep making the same mistakes in practice, you will also make them in official games. we need to improve that“Continued the player while revealing that they had improved a lot in recent days.

Finally, Nisqy highlighted the level of G2 Esports in the LEC. He midlaner He believes that the G2 team has very strong players and that they have created a unique synergy. However, have a handicap. «Sometimes they are too creative. That’s where you can hurt them. They need to innovate and play things that the rest have not faced. If they play standard they are not that strong. I think most of the time they live and die by their botlane“, he concluded.

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