Phil Spencer welcomes Minecraft Dungeons coming to PS Plus and “more players”

The Minecraft franchise has always upheld the principle that players should be able to play their favorite games on any device without any barriers and inconveniences, something that has always been strictly adhered to, even when Microsoft already owned it. What you are reading will sound familiar to you, since something similar is happening with Call of Duty after those from Redmond confirmed the Faronic acquisition of Activision Blizzard at the beginning of last year.

As you well know, Sony is not happy that the purchase of Activision Blizzard is carried out, since they fear that Call of Duty is exclusive to Xboxsomething that Microsoft has reiterated on several occasions that this will not be the case, even offering a 10-year contract for the successful Activision franchise, which has already signed Nintendo. So while this whole thing has ended up in court, now Phil Spencer celebrates that Minecraft Dungeons is coming to PS Plus and “more players”good joke in the midst of the refusal of Sony.

Minecraft Dungeons is coming to PS Plus

Phil Spencer celebrates that Minecraft Dungeons is coming to PS Plus and “more players”

The Minecraft franchise could easily have been exclusive to Xbox, but this has not been the case, since its games have always been available on all platforms. Minecraft Dungeons have been the latest installment, so now as we wait for the April 18 release of Minecraft Legends, we have learned that PlayStation Plus users will be able to enjoy Minecraft Dungeons as it will be offered as part of the new games on the service in March.

How could it be otherwise, Phil Spencer He wanted to celebrate with his Twitter followers, that Minecraft Dungeons reaches PS Plus and “more players”, making it very clear with that message, that with Call of Duty practically the same thing would happen, something that we do not understand because Sony does not understand and accept.

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