Valve revealed playable details and confirmed its release for this year


In the world of video games, few titles manage to be as long-lived as Counter-Strike: Global Offensivereleased by Valve in 2012, and that to this day, continues to be played worldwide, with one of the largest and most important esports scenes today. Although it is a graphically outdated game, its classic team duel gameplay kept it relevant among the players.

Therefore, it was very difficult to imagine that Valve I was thinking of retiring it, let alone thinking that they were working on a sequel. But that’s right, they have already officially announced counter strike 2his next first-person shooter, a sequel to the title we talked about earlier, which will have a graphic quality adapted to the time and several playable improvements.

This game is a complete revamp of its predecessor, with a new and innovative graphics engine, the Source 2, which has a much better finish and better rendering. In addition, Valve has changed the playable system, specifically the way in which players shoot, in this sense, the player’s keystrokes or actions will be more precise, resulting in a better response of weapons to controls.

something that has Valve A highlight, and what has been talked about a lot on the networks, are the new smoke grenades, which will now act as one more element on the map. When activating a smoke grenade, the smoke will spread out in a suitable radius, covering it and filling any gaps there. In addition, this smoke will have a realistic behavior, dissipating the parts where it is shot or an explosion occurs.

Valve has already made the beta available counter strike 2although it is only available to a very limited number of lucky players, although they also confirmed that this number will get bigger as the weeks go by.

counter strike 2 will be available completely free at Steam in the summer of this year, although a specific date has not yet been confirmed.

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