“Being part of this league is history for Giants”

Giants is about to experience something historic. The esports club from Malaga is just a few hours away from debuting on the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT), one of the most relevant video game competitions in the world. And they are already finalizing the details to leave their skin in this world league. In these previous days, the sports director, David Alonso ‘Lozark’, and one of the players, Adolfo Gallego ‘Fitinho’, make a small connection from Berlin to speak with SUR and reveal how they are living these previous days and what it means for the club to compete in this international tournament. «For Giants it has been one of the news, or the most important, in its history because being part of this league where there are only 29 other clubs at your level in the world is a great challenge. We no longer only have to give a European audience, but visibility is already worldwide with one of the most important ‘esports’ today like Valorant”, analyzes the Giants sports director.

“Now the visibility is worldwide because we compete in one of the most important ‘esports’ out there today”

David Alonso ‘Lozark’

sports director

They have been in Berlin since March 17 to be focused and train together, but now the premiere is about to arrive and they know it. The club from Malaga will be defended with the blue shirt –the color they return to for this competition– and with a team made up of the Finnish Aaro Peltokangas ‘Hoody’, the Russian Kirill Nehozhin ‘Cloud’, the Lithuanian player Žygimantas Chmieliauskas ‘Nukkye’, the Spanish Adolfo Gallego ‘Fitinho’, Norwegian/Bosnian Emir Muminovic ‘Rhyme’ and Dutch Milan Meij ‘Milan’. All of them, led by the Russian coach Daniil Meshcheryakov ‘Pipson’, and with the sports management of David Alonso, who sees the team ready to start: «The sensations are still very good, we are prepared to fight for the classification. For us this is something very important and we are putting all our effort and resources into doing the best possible in this league and contributing the maximum to the competition,” Lozark specified.

They were going to be the first in the competition with a match against Fnatic this coming Monday at 6:00 p.m., but in the end they will not play the opening game because the duel has been delayed to 9:00 p.m. Although the illusion and pressure from the rival continue, since the club faces the current world champion in its first game of the VCT: «We are especially excited to face the best team and at the same time it is a test to see the level we are at and see what we are capable of doing, ”admits the sports director. And fans from Málaga who want to see the Giants premiere live and with a good atmosphere will be able to do so from the club headquarters with tickets that can be purchased on the website (www.giants.pro).

«Since we met we seemed like friends, there is good chemistry between us. There are not as many problems as there are usually in other teams »

Adolfo Gallego ‘Fitinho’


It may be the most difficult start, but the team is going for that and more. Six days a week of training and with a plan that goes from theory sessions and meetings to finalize the strategies they want to carry out to practice with matches with other teams from the same competition or from lower ones to test the tactics and simulate a competitive game. And Fitinho knows that better than anyone, one of the key pieces of this team. «We prepare to see how we can play it and make the strategy maps. Every day we fix the errors of the previous one and we are adding new factors to test how it turns out for us », he details.

with good vibes

One of the keys to the team is the good vibes between the players. «Since we met we seemed like friends, there is good chemistry between us. I don’t see that there are as many problems as there usually are in other teams that I have been in and that is very important,” Fitinho stresses. After the premiere, they will meet on Wednesday against NaVi, and, from there, they will continue competing to reach the top. The top three in the regular phase go on to the Masters and the Champions League, which are the two biggest events of the season. “We are looking to reach the top of the table to be able to qualify because we see ourselves with the possibility of doing so,” concludes Fitinho.

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