Fnatic signs a Maracanazo after beating LOUD


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The epic of becoming champion is not for everyone, hundreds of teams are looking for the goal and years and years are lost (sometimes without success) trying to lift the trophy and be able to shout “Champion!” to the four winds. If, those of us who are of the soccer club, we add to that possibility of being a champion after years of looking for the goal, we do it in the Maracaná itself, the possibilities are not only more limited, but the taste of that success remains for the history.

All these condiments gathered today the Valorant squad of fnatic, the team led by the British booster He stayed with the first major Valorant tournament of this exciting 2023, in a heart-stopping final that if we continue looking for parallels was a series very similar to the World Cup Final between Argentina and France.

fnatic faced in São Paulo – Brazil, the local and current world champion LOUD that despite having undergone some changes with respect to the roster that crowned just a few months ago in Turkey, they reached this Grand Final as the clear favorites of the public to win the VCT LOCK//IN and the square to Tokyo Masters of June.

The details of the 2-2 and the penalty shootout

The Europeans were the ones who started this Grand Final on the right foot, Fnatic started by winning the pick of LOUD (Ascent) by 13-8 with a Leo Totally on fire, the Swede loaded his team on his shoulder and registered 12/23/13 for his team to put the first point of the series winning the map of the Brazilians. This defeat meant a hard blow to the statistics of LOUD since this was the second time in 22 games that the team led by the Argentine Saadhak fell in Ascent.

fnatic took advantage of the psychic send of having won the map to LOUD and took the second point of the series after beating Fracture 13-7 to put the Grand Final at Match Point and leading to a worrying silence in the stands at San Pablo. However, far from standing with folded arms LOUD he not only got Split (his own pick), but he also got the second pick of fnatic (Lotus: 13-8) to even the series and take the Final to a penalty shootout: the decide map.

Icebox was the setting that both squads “they chose” as last map. Over there LOUD it looked like he was wearing fnatic, After a great first half (9-3) and after taking the second round of pistols, the Brazilians quickly came very close to Match Point (11-3). But fnatic I still had a letter and it was Derke, The Finn became a hero with a great performance that brought the European team, round by round, closer to the South Americans.

Finally they managed to equalize the game, and even put the Match Point in his favor, however, the epic denouement was saved a couple of more rounds that came in the First Overtime. derke once again dressed as MVP with his Jett they used a formula in attack that LOUD could not solve and in this way after putting the final 14-12 they managed to put the finishing touch to a search of two intense years to lift an international title, the relief of the Europeans was total in Sao Paulo.

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