Fortnite: New Creators Economy 2.0

Creator Economy 2.0 is coming to Fortnite to give island creators more opportunities to earn silver.

Epic Games introduced the Economy of Creators 2.0 for Fortnite. This new initiative begins with the early release of participation paymentsa brand new way for eligible island creators to receive engagement-based money with their published island content.

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With Participation Payouts, Epic reserves the 40% of net income from the Fortnite Item Shop and related real money purchases in the participation pool. Participation payments will be made monthly from this fund to publishers on all eligible islands, including creator independent islands and Epic’s own islands, such as Battle Royale. Payouts are based on the player’s participation with each island, as described below.

Creators Economy 2.0 fortnite

Epic Games’ Creator Economy 2.0 initiative seeks to further reward creators for their creative work on Fortnite. Epic’s Creator Support program, which underpinned the Creator Economy 1.0, remains, but returns to its roots as an affiliate marketing program for streamers and social media content creators. Removed the Creator Support widget within Fortnite islands to keep the game focused on fun. Players can now show their support for their favorite creators’ islands simply by playing them.

Participation payouts reward the creation of islands that players enjoy. Currently, payments are based on engagement metrics that contribute to the health of the overall Fortnite ecosystem. At launch, the metrics are divided into two groups: player popularity and player retention.

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Islands that attract new players and re-engage players who have stopped playing, and islands where players return day by day and week by week indicate engaging gameplay. Over time, the tracking metrics are expected to change based on creator and player feedback, and will be updated as changes are made.

Participation payouts are available to legal entities such as businesses and island creators who are 18 years of age or older, whose Fortnite accounts are at least 90 days old. Work is underway to expand the program to younger creators in the future and updates will be shared as they become available. Once you are accepted into the program, you will see new participation income data in the Payments tab of your creator dashboard where you track your earnings. The creator dashboard will continue to be updated with more information and data to help island creators plan for future development.

Each Island Publisher will have a dedicated web presence at that can be customized to represent their brand and experiences within the Fortnite ecosystem. Islands can be added to a playlist by registered players to be easily found next time

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