Fortntie censors the creation of old maps in Creative 2.0

With the release of Unreal Editor for Fortnitecommonly called Creative 2.0, everything was more than ready for various teams to get down to work recreating the maps of the first seasonsbut Epic Games wanted to launch a notice before the wave of users creating each one of them.

The popularity of these works has been such that Epic Games has been faced with a crossroads in regards to their own work, since they are still original maps of Fortnite. That is why they sent a statement to the creators warning of two blocks in regards to these maps.

The first of them is that it will not be possible to create maps previous to Chapter 2, Chapter 3 or Chapter 4. And since they can no longer stop the work done, nor do they want to throw away the creations in which so many hours have already been invested, Yes, maps from Chapter 1 can be replicated.

However, those maps from Chapter 1 will not be monetizableso that the creation will be purely for the enjoyment of the community, without the work carried out having an economic impact on the team.

And it is that now the economic rules have changed, since the Support a Creator system has been eliminated, creators can monetize the maps with the simple use of other users. Every time you play on an island, you will already be supporting that creator financially without the need for a code and making purchases with that code. And Epic Games will pay based on popularity. But this will not happen with the maps that make us return to those first seasons of Fortnite.

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