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Gamers will be rewarded by Fortnite for publishing their games in creative mode

World, Mar 23, 2023 (ATB Digital).- Epic Games has announced the launch of a new system that rewards players in the Creative mode of Fortnite: Battle Royale, thanks to which it will share 40 percent of its net income with users who publish games in this universe.

This video game has a Creative mode that allows players to create content freely in their own creative islands, where they can establish a series of rules and integrate custom elements.

Within the framework of the Game Developers Conference (GDC), which is being held these days in San Francisco (United States), the company has announced the launch of Creator Economy 2.0, a payment-for-participation system that will compensate creators who post games on Fortnite.

These payments will be made monthly from the company to the publishers of all the eligible islands of the game, “including the islands of independent creators and Epic’s own islands, such as Battle Royale,” as explained in a statement.

Fortnite has also commented that since March 1 of this year, Epic began reserving 40 percent of its net income to distribute it based on the commitment created by the creative work of publishers in order to reward them “for their creative work” in the video game.

With this, he explained that the creators who will be rewarded must be over 18 years of age and that their in-game accounts are at least 90 days old. Likewise, he has pointed out that the payments are based on the performance of the islands based on their popularity and their ability to retain users and attract the attention of other players.


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