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Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Rihanna and even Kim Kardashian have or have had Golden teeth at some point in their careers. In Brazil, the accessory is also sought after. Some MCs and influencers have used or use it on their teeth.

On social networks, the golden smile divides opinions. There are internet users who don’t like fashion at all, while others confess they want to try it out. Like it or not, dentists warn about possible gingival problems if the gold teeth are placed incorrectly, which can even lead to tooth loss.

According to dental surgeon Claudia Consalter, the placement of the accessory can cause periodontal diseases. “When we insert the false tooth, which can be made of many substances, not necessarily gold, an overcontour can happen, a step in the meeting between the original tooth and the gum. This can cause the accumulation of bacterial plaque, development of cavities, inflammation on the gums and, in extreme cases, even lead to the loss of a tooth”, he explains.

She says that the mouth is an organ that is always on display, in addition to being sensitive to foreign bodies. Even piercings in the region need to undergo a more elaborate cleaning process and extra care. All this due to possible chronic infections and injuries. “If a person wants to put gold teeth, it is necessary to be very careful with the material introduced and follow up by a specialized professional”, completes the surgeon who is also a founding partner of OrthoDontic.

safest option

Another option for those who want to adhere to the accessory is to opt for the removable version, the famous “grillz“. The piece is custom-made in orthodontic metal with gold or silver, which the patient can use for as long as they want, but must remove it when eating and sleeping. “Even with the mobile version, you need to brush your teeth more frequently and not leave them for so long in the mouth, as it may end up moving other teeth”, warns Consalter.

Gold teeth require specialized care and follow-up -

Gold teeth require specialized care and follow-up –

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