Lollapalooza 2023: Ludmilla is, once again, underrated by a festival – 03/25/2023

Ludmilla, raised in funk basements, has made her climb towards pop stardom with a lot of sweat. After being underrated as an attraction on the Sunset side stage at Rock in Rio in 2022, she was once again part of a kind of second tier at Lollapalooza. The production doesn’t say never, but everyone there knows: whoever sings in sunlight loses the light of the scene. So much so that, when singing this Saturday at Lolla, Lud, even coming with her beautiful voice, in perfect tune and without playbacks, did not manage to provoke a third of the visual and scenographic impact that she showed at Sunset.

There’s no other way, Ludmilla is the best pop singer in the country. And for technical reasons. A woman from the suburbs of Rio, a former Beyoncé cover artist, she is also an artist. And singers aren’t always artists, just as artists aren’t always singers. Some cannot be one thing or the other. Rare case, Lud is both. Her vocals are studied in the melismas of R&B, her timbre is beautiful, her vibrato is precise, her tuning is the envy of great MPB people, she doesn’t sing with playback (hallelujah!) and her range of spectrum reaches where similar ones don’t enter.

Maldives, as she showed on Lolla, is a typical pagoda. And any samba circle today embraces this woman. At the same time, Lud’s Troop showed how much root funk still reverences her. Many of her songs are rooted in 90s R&B. “I just made the whole Lollapalooza sing pagode!”, she said, after singing a samba and before starting another. Her extension, which has already led her to interesting collabs with feminejo, exposes the limitation of IZA, Luisa Sonza, Pabblo Vittar and Anitta, who work in much more restricted fields.

Still, Lolla didn’t know how to climb Ludmilla. Again, she isn’t the biggest star the day she performs and is placed in a secondary time slot. It is just not known what is missing for this validation. The woman who just needs to kill Anitta out of spite has 2 billion streams on Spotify and 3.3 billion on YouTube. She puts audiences in the palm of her hand, managed to calibrate her language well for the acceptance of the “Brazilian family” that watches Globoplay and already has an 11-year career. The only attraction to be at the two biggest festivals of the year, Lolla and The Town, which will be in September, Lud still gets there. On September 7th, she will be on the Skyline Stage, the main event, but opening for Maroon 5. One more step. Lud, swallow it, deserves the top.

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