Usina da Paz Jurunas/Condor carries out action to strengthen female entrepreneurship

Usina das Manas action led to a creative fair, conversation circle and concert by singer Keila for UsiPaz. D-Day of the Vaccination Campaign was also held.

Seamstress Ariana da Silva, 36 years old and mother of two, was one of the first to set up her thrift shop at Usina da Paz Jurunas/Condor. A resident of the Condor neighborhood, she started selling at Feira do Beco, on the street from her house. Last month, the Fair was transferred to UsiPaz, which now welcomes women entrepreneurs in its actions.

In addition to participating in the fair, Ariana is also a student of the various workshops that are offered at Usina da Paz. “I do everything here, cutting and sewing, repairs… I take all the courses in my area and now I’m also selling here. It was a real transformation for us here in the Usina neighborhood because of that, because we feel part of it, we feel welcomed, it’s like it was my home too”, she says.

“What we want is for Usinas da Paz to really be people’s homes. This is the objective of this great TerPaz equipment, to bring the public power closer to the population”. The statement by the Secretary of Citizenship (Seac), Igor Normando, opened the programming of Usina das Manas in confluence with the practice already exercised by residents. According to the Secretary, the action came to consolidate the community’s activities and allow for the exchange of experiences with those who live in the Territories of Peace.

Actions, such as the Mocambo project, organized by black women from the Jurunas and Condor neighborhoods and which brings “solidarity currency” as one of its mottos to strengthen the entrepreneurship of women and black people. “Mocambo is an Afro-descendant movement, but it is not just for blacks, it is for everyone who identifies with this movement of breaking the paradigms of the periphery”, explains social educator Nanda Lima, one of the coordinators of the Black Women Group Maria Felipa Aranha, the Mocambo.

Also composed by Jazz Mota and Ruth Ferreira, the conversation wheel had as its theme “Experiences and experimentations of culture makers on the outskirts of Belém”. The producer and director of the International Indigenous Film Festival of the Amazon – Ava Amazônia, Jazz, spoke about the prejudice that still surrounds indigenous women in an urban context and highlighted the importance of affirming within the community because of this. “I was the first in my family to be born in the city, but that doesn’t make me stop being indigenous. It’s important that we recognize our places to establish ourselves in them”, he pointed out.

Ruth Ferreira, who is a historian, researcher, activist and educator at the Museu D’água, Gueto Hub and COP das Baixadas, also participated in the circle, highlighting the culture that has been produced in the peripheries and the creative power of the community.

According to Igor Normando, Usina das Manas should become a permanent action at Usinas da Paz. “We want to provide this exchange of experiences and, above all, generate activities that can discuss this harmful thing that is machismo”, he concluded.

In addition to the conversation circle, Usina das Manas also took medical care services, HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis tests, issuing documents and hosted the launch of the D Vaccination Campaign against the influenza virus, carried out by the Health Department (Sespa) .

Keila’s singer ended the program with a great show at the UsiPaz Jurunas/Condor amphitheater.

The next activities at Usina das Manas will be on the following days:

03/26 – Usina da Paz Antônia Coelho (neighborhood Nova União/Marituba)

03/28 – Usinas da Paz Canaã dos Carajás and Father Bruno Sechi (Bengui)

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