Billie Eilish announces song to honor bossa nova

Billie Eilish, who performed on the night of this Friday, March 24th, at Lollapalooza, received the team from “Fantástico”, from TV Globo, for an interview, with questions sent by fans from all over Brazil. The young woman, who became famous with her debut single “Ocean Eyes”, met reporter Álvaro Pereira Júnior at the hotel where she is staying in São Paulo. “It’s crazy to me. This is the only place I’ve ever wanted to go that I really like… You know, my first “Billie Eilish fan” account was “Billie Eilish Brazil” . I’ve always had a soft spot for this place and I’ve never been there, and I’ve been saying to my team for years, “When can I go to Brazil? When can I go there? Because they want me to go there”. And we had to wait until the moment was right and here we are. I’m very excited”, she commented, who also spoke about her enchantment for Brazilian music.

A bossa nova fan, the singer revealed how the process of composing in homage to the musical genre was. “I love Bossa Nova and I’ve always had a deep love and connection to it. As soon as I realize there’s a song playing and I feel like it’s bossa nova, I’m like “what is this? Is so good”. It’s the coolest song in the world. My brother knew how much I loved bossa nova and he made this beat one day. And he sent me and he just called it “Billie Bossa Nova”. And two or three years later, we met again and wrote a song for her,” explained the artist.

Still on the show, Daniel is the one who sets the tone for the painting ‘O Som da Minha Vida’. The sertanejo singer is invited by Tábata Poline and composer and music producer Pedro Cerejo, better known as Cherry’O, to sing the story of Carlinhos, who managed to transform pain into love. Based on the honoree’s biography, Cherry writes a song inspired by the story he heard. By surprise, the person hears the song in the voice of one of their idols. “At the age of eighteen, he fell in love with a pretty girl who always went to buy bread at the shop opposite his work. But she had an impasse for this love to happen. Her family, known in the neighborhood as Morena do Jockey, was about to move out of town. Think of the despair”, said the reporter, straight from the city of Araucária in Paraná.

After carefully listening to the entire saga of Carlinhos to marry his ‘Morena do Jockey’, Cherry’O composed the song that Daniel arrives to perform in front of the honoree completely taken by surprise. “And it’s interesting that music brought me here. A story that I had the honor of knowing through this song, which I never even sang. But the fact is, I’m here because of you and your wife. Look at the responsibility on this special day. Didn’t you imagine that all that ‘Fantástico’ was doing for us to gather here today for you to receive this homage?”, questioned Daniel.

‘Fantástico’ also prepared for next Sunday, March 26th, an article about the 50th anniversary of ‘Globo Repórter’, which begins to be celebrated on Friday, March 31st. Renata Ceribelli met Sérgio Chapelin, the show’s longest-serving presenter, to learn about his routine on the journalistic bench that marked the lives of many Brazilians.

“Chapelin, you can even go unnoticed on the street, but when you speak, people already think: oops, is Globo Repórter there?”, joked the journalist with the experienced colleague who added: “Yeah, it really is like that. This creates a lot of trouble for me. Because, for example, I go out with my wife, I go out, put my little cap on, and walk. My wife says: don’t open your mouth! (laughs) Don’t open your mouth!”, he joked, who presented the program for 37 of the 50 years of this story.

In addition to him, ‘Globo Repórter’ had Celso Freitas and Eliaklim Araújo, Gloria Maria and, currently, Sandra Annenberg in this position. “In these 37 years, people got used to my voice — and almost 20 more from “Jornal Nacional”, right? It was also that thing: “good night”. I went to many places — “Ah, say good night to us” — that I shared with Cidão there, right?”, the presenter laughs.

Renata also wanted to know what learning the program brought him. “Look, I didn’t learn to do anything else. So, the only thing I learned in life was to read a text, right? My mother (gets emotional), my mother taught me how to read the first one”, he told Renata, who also interviewed Sandra Annenberg, Ernesto Paglia, among other journalists involved in the five special programs that will celebrate the program’s 50th anniversary.

Fantástico airs after ‘Sunday with Huck’.

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