Epic will prevent you from making money with Fortnite and will ban you forever if you do this

Players gradually demonstrate the enormous potential of creative mode 2.0 of Fortnite. For this they have recreated other popular franchises such as Grand Theft Auto in battle royale. However, Epic Games is not entirely happy with this and believes that this type of creation must stop.

The reason? As is evident, everything is due to copyright and the rules of Epic Games to use the Unreal Editor for Fortnite. The company wants no player to break its rules, so it explained everything in detail and stated that there are risks of permanent bans for violating the rules.

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Epic will punish those who do not respect the rules of Creative mode 2.0

Epic Games posted an important message on their new page focused on the Unreal Editor creator community. The company warns that it will sanction players who do not respect the rules for creators, intellectual property guidelines and copyright with their creations.

The studio requires players not to post content based on copyrighted works or franchises. It does not even allow them to create it and share it on social networks, as there will be sanctions even if it is not officially published in the Battle Royale.

Players who do not follow the guidelines will simply not be able to join the program and earn money. In addition, Epic could also permanently ban users who commit any offense. So, not everything is allowed with the Creative 2.0 mode, as happened with other proposals, such as dreams.

“Those who create infringing content on UEFN, even if they never intend to post it on Fortniteor share infringing content on social media, will face content removal and enforcement actions, including permanent account bans,” the studio reported.

So, it is better for players to forget about watching recreations of other video games, animes or movies in the Battle Royale. Epic Games’ goal is for its players to create original content that wows the entire community.

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Fortnite is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and mobile. Look for more information related to Battle Royale on this page.

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