Faker further expands his champion pool to an all-time high

Lee Sang-hyeok”Faker»has once again demonstrated its importance within League of Legends. The Demon King has been one of the decisive players in the victory of T1 in the second round of the playoffs of the League of Legends Championship Korea (LCK). The three-time world champions have moved up the top draw thanks to a tight 3-2 win against KT Rolster, setting up one of the best ‘Telecom Wars’ of recent years. In it, the medium has broken a record figure related to its champion pool.

On the first map of the series against KT Rolster, Faker has picked the 75th single champion of his career. On his tenth anniversary as a professional player, the Demon King has selected K’Sante as a character to expand his wide range of champions. The map she picked him on fell in favor of T1, who picked up a solid win via bot lane. The outlet has chosen Nazumah’s Pride as a response to Gwak Bo-seong’s Veigar”bdd«.

Coincidentally, for the rest of the series Faker has used characters that have historically shone within his champion pool. In the next two maps the Demon King has used Kassadin, while in the fourth and fifth maps he has used Galio and Gragas respectively. While with the Colossus the midfielder shone especially during the semifinals of the worlds of 2017, with the Camorrista he stood out during the 2013 World Cup, the first of his career.

A Telecom War full of numbers reached

Regardless of Faker, the most exciting Telecom War of recent times has been full of new figures for its protagonists. Beyond the 75th Demon King champion, Bdd has reached 600 games played in the LCK. The KT Rolster midfielder has become the third player in history with the most games played in the league. His teammate Son Si-woo”Lehends«, support from KT, has reached 3,500 assistances in competition. In other words, he has gone on to occupy the sixth historical position in the record.

From the T1 side, the figures are much earlier due to the youth of the players and their ‘short’ career compared to other veteran figures. Three-time champion jungler Mun Hyeon-jun “Oner” has reached 600 kills in the LCK. KT Rolster’s shooter, Kim Ha-ram “Aiming”, has reached 1,500 assists within the competition. In short, the Telecom War has been full of intensity and also of small achievements for a good part of the players.

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