Giants debuts on the Valorant Champions Tour, one of the most important esports competitions in the world

In April 2020, Riot Games released the video game Valorant. Barely three years later, this first-person shooter game has a mass of active users that exceeds 22 million, a professional structure made up of hundreds of players, technicians and analysts who are exclusively dedicated to the development of their competitive activity, a competition system that brings together organizations from all over the world and millionaire audiences, both in streaming and in face-to-face events. At the top of this system is the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT)the brand new world league of valorant of recent creation. There where the highest-level players are, the most expert coaches, the fiercest rivalries, the most cutting-edge teams, the most attractive narratives. In short, where the best are, where the Valorant elite is. In this international league is giantsthe esports club of Malagawhich debuts this Monday on VCT.

Giants faces this Monday March 27 their official premiere on VCT. He does it against the current world champion, fnatic, in a duel that will start at 9:00 p.m. (Spanish time). A schedule that was modified this week and that previously placed the Giants in the opening game. The match takes place in Messe Berlin Charlottenburg and can be seen in official broadcast and in the streamer’s hitboxking. The expectation is triggered: there are no longer tickets available for the initial day. The block they form Fitinho, Rhyme, Nukkye, Hoody and Cloudled by pipson and milanYou are ready for the challenge.

The giants have been installed in Berlin since March 17, although the roster is training since novemberthe month in which it was formed, and offered a remarkable performance in Brazil last February. “At VCT we meet teams from all over the world, each with their own style and strategy of play. We have to be prepared for anything and able to adapt quickly to the situations that arise”, declares the coach pipsonwhich on previous occasions has enhanced the human group available to it.

“For Giants it is a milestone to be in the VCT”points David Alonso ‘Lozark’, sports director of the entity that accompanies the players and coaches in the German capital. “VCT is a tournament that has gained great importance in the esports universe and brings together some of the best players and teams. For us, being in the league is a great opportunity to demonstrate our potential and continue to grow as an organization,” he adds.

After the match against Fnatic, Giants is measured to NaVi Wednesday from 18:00. These matches and the ones that follow can also be enjoyed on a giant screen from the club’s headquarters in Malaga, at the Home of Giants. A party with special guests is already planned for the premiere and the stands will be filled with fans. here you can consult the calendar. Tickets can be obtained on the official Giants website.

This is the format of the Valorant Champions Tour

berlin is the headquarters of the division EMEA, of which the Costa del Sol team is a part along with KOI and Heretics, the other Spanish representatives, and Karmine Corp, Vitality, Team Liquid, NaVi, BBL, FUT Esports and the aforementioned Fnatic. In EMEA are those chosen from Europe, Africa and the Middle East by Riot Games. The league is completed by ten other organizations America and another ten of Pacific Asia.

The first six in this regular phase, which takes place from the March 27 to May 28They qualify for the playoffs. Finishing in the top four in this knockout round awards a ticket to the Tokyo Masterswhich is the next international event in which the joint faces of all divisions of the June 11 to 25; Finishing in the top three in the regular phase, in addition to giving a place in the Masters, guarantees the presence in the Los Angeles Champions. This appointment, which is held from August 6 to 26, it is the final icing on the exercise in the Valorant Champions Tour, it is the great goal that all the clubs pursue. Depending on the results in the Masters and a last qualifying before the Champions League, there could be two additional places to go to the Champions League. There are also various economic prizes linked to the best possible classification.

The Giants’ goal is to fight for a ticket in both the Masters and the Champions League. The team already offered an exciting performance in the LOCK IN São Pauloin an event that brought together the 30 participants plus two Chinese representatives that served as the first contact and rehearsal prior to the official league that now starts from the respective headquarters of each division, berlin (Germany), The Angels (United States) and seoul (South Korea).

The Giants team for the VCT

last september Riot Games announced its chosen ones to integrate the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) for the next four years. Giants was among them, which marked the return to the international elite of esports. In less than two months, it was revealed the Giants roster for this great challenge, for a competition that will revolutionize the current structures of electronic sports.

In the announced roster there was an icon, old acquaintances and interesting bets. The coach Daniil Meshcheriakov’pipson‘ has returned to the Spanish club after passing through G2. Same path as Aaro Peltokangas’hoody‘, who signed for the same European organization after a successful stage at Giants and has returned to the entity that catapulted him. From G2 also comes Žygimantas Chmieliauskas’nukkye‘.

They have completed the Emir Muminovic block’Rhyme‘ (formerly of Gen.G), Kirill Nekhozhin ‘clouds‘ (formerly of Navi) and Adolfo Gallego ‘Fitinho‘, emblem of Giants and a benchmark in the Spanish scene of the Riot Games shooter and national esports in general. In the role of analyst he accompanies the coaching staff Milan Meijwho was world champion with Acend in 2021.

It also officially premieres on the VCT The new Giants outfitwhich last Wednesday announced its return to blue, the historical color of the entity since its foundation in 2008.

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