League of Legends free champion rotation for the week of February 28

Week after week, League of Legends takes pity on our wallets and allows us to try some of its champions completely free. With 162 characters to choose, it is not easy to have access to all that we can try, and unlocking one is a considerable leap of faith. Today, we are going to see what are the heroes that you can savor during this week.

With each rotation update, Riot Games makes available to you 16 champions so you can give them a spin and you can see how they are in normal games. You will be able to try these without any type of time restriction, as long as you do it before the rotation changes at dawn next Tuesday.

Below you can see all the champions available to try during this rotation. Some of them we are already very used to seeing them in games, like Xayah or Dariuswhile this is an ideal opportunity for you to try out some of the more unusual characters, like Twisted Fate.

  • Azir
  • blitzcrank
  • Darius
  • dr world
  • Elise
  • gwen
  • Karma
  • lillia
  • pyke
  • ryze
  • tahm kench
  • Taric
  • tristana
  • Trundle
  • Twisted Fate
  • Xayah

As always, remember that you have until next Tuesday to enjoy this free character rotation. When it’s over, 16 other champions will take this place, and you will have the chance to see if you like even more League of Legends champions. Enjoy them!

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