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Riot Games kicked off the 2023 League of Legends Season.

The 2023 season of the most popular MOBA in the world has begun. This was revealed through a video that showed what is to come for League of Legends and LoL Esports.

The event marks the official start of the League of Legends tournament and ranked season. For both casual and professional gamers respectively. It also serves to inform players about upcoming content that they will be able to enjoy throughout the year.

The Edge of Infinity | League of Legends season 2023 cinematic

League of Legends Season 2023

The League of Legends team discussed Ahri’s Art Sustainability Update, Aurelion Sol’s Full Gameplay Update, Ranked Mid-Year Reset, 2023 Champions Map, and more. . In addition, LoL Esports previously announced a new competitive event, Season Kickoff, to celebrate the start of the 2023 season, set to take place on January 10.

Champions in 2023

The community can also look forward to more mid-length updates to refresh champion play fantasies and modernize the overall roster.

Players using Aurelion Sol as their primary champion can look forward to a completely updated skill set for the Star Forger in his next Comprehensive Gameplay Update (ACJ). For more context of Aurelion Sol’s YMCA, click here.

Aurelion Sol’s abilities

The League of Champions team continues to invest in their goals of creating a more diverse champion base that includes all cultures, genders, and skill levels in the game for every role. In 2023, players can look forward to new champions: Milio, an Ixtal Enchanter, and Naafiri, a mid lane Darkin assassin.

Ranked in 2023

Starting this year, both ranked stages will have a ranked reset halfway through, with their respective rewards, in an effort to bring LoL up to current expectations and address pain points around the stress of avoiding relegation or mid-year demotions.

Ranked Reset

When Stage 2 of the Ranked Season begins, the reset won’t be as heavy as it was in January, as the game won’t change enough to cause players to have to regain their rank to the same extent. The mid-year reset will be even less important if a player hasn’t played many games since January.


Players can now earn full rewards at each ranked stage, including icons and emotes, ranked borders, and a ranked skin. This means that there will be two skins for ranked this year, as well as some additional rewards for promotion.

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Additionally, players will no longer have to meet the Gold rank requirement to earn a Ranked skin, and will instead earn it based on the number of Ranked matches played.

Chromas will continue to be earned based on your final rank at the end of that ranked stage.

Season Kickoff Event 2023 League of Legends

On January 10 and 11, the LCS, LEC, LCK, LPL, LJL, CBLOL, LLA, PCS, and VCS will host a special two-day event featuring a preview of the 2023 season. and players to watch out for this year will be highlighted, giving fans a glimpse of the 2023 season on the Rift and what’s coming up in LoL Esports in 2023.

All professional teams from each of the nine leagues will send their players to compete in the season opener event. It’s up to each region to determine how they will field their teams, so you may see different methods in the LCS versus the PCS. Matches will be played best-of-three on Summoner’s Rift, with no champion locks or replays. Each of the professional teams representing the winning team will be able to create an emote with our designers to add it to League of Legends

Social Impact Challenge – Riot Games

To celebrate all the changes coming to the jungle, League of Legends is hosting a special Social Impact Challenge for players around the world. In the 2023 season, for every 100 in-game missions players complete by January 24, Riot Games will contribute $1 to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund, a donor-advised fund sponsored by ImpactAssets, to help support initiatives environmental conservation, up to a total of 1 million dollars.

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