The world champion who will stay in VALORANT

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VALORANT boasts a highly diverse player base. While a large part of the users come from Counter-Strikeothers do it from other titles such as Overwatch either fortine. Each and every one of the games has similarities and differences, but where the changes are reduced the most are between the shooter from Riot Games and Valve, something that makes the flow of players even. Many professionals have opted to make the change and some have returned. However, one of the current world champions has reaffirmed: she stays.

Michaela Lintrup «mimi«, a G2 Gozen player, has denied rumors through Twitter and has confirmed that she is staying in VALORANT. The Danish intends to prolong her career in the shooter of Riot Games after being proclaimed champion of the first edition of the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) Game Changers. «I have been asked a lot if I am going to return to Counter-Strike after the release of CS2. VALORANT has completely changed my life for the better and has given me opportunities that I dreamed of. I haven’t enjoyed it that much gaming like now so i won’t change“Mimi said.

Not without asking the players to enjoy counter strike 2, Rumors about mimi have skyrocketed after Julia Kiran’s change to “julian.” At the beginning of the month, the G2 Esports player left VALORANT to return to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), a movement that has coincided in the same month as the confirmation of CS2. The Swedish woman has not changed her organization, as she is still in G2, but she goes from Gozen to OYA, the name of the women’s project of Counter-Strike.

The female scene continues to work for growth

What concerns to Counter-Strike, the ESL Impact circuit has encouraged different organizations to invest in women’s teams. On the other hand, in VALORANT it is the entire structure of the Game Changers with which Riot Games seeks investment from organizations. The factor in favor of the circuit is that the final of the last World Cup exceeded 230 spectators and became the most watched women’s esports tournament in history. However, the community continues to fight for better conditions, such as a greater capacity to accommodate spectators in the venues where the tournaments are held.

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