Bis Unlock, an Esports club from Huelva, will fight for a place in the Nexo League final

The team of League of Legends, Bis Unlock from Huelva, continues his journey with a firm step in the electronic sports sector. The people from Huelva have been competing in the Nexus League – which is equivalent to a 2nd B–, and after a solid regular season with six wins and three losses, they sealed their pass to the play-offs.

Encore Unlock He started the play-offs by banging on the table. In the quarterfinals they had to face the current champion of the competition, ecorpand the Huelva team won the series with a fun and epic third game (it was the best of 3).

In the semifinals awaits the champion of the regular league, Kawaii Kiwisa true classic of the semi-professional panorama of League of Legends in Spain. The tie is a BO5, and the appointment is held this Monday from 5:00 p.m. It can be followed live through the channel twitch of the Storm Circuit:

“The ascent to Second division It is still a dream, but it is true that it looks closer”, acknowledges Javier R. Machío, head of Encore Unlock. The second national division of League of Legends is a professional competition in which teams such as Case Esports – owned by the Manchester United player, Casemiro – or the League of Legends sections of some LaLiga clubs participate, such as Villarreal or The uprising.

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