CS:GO skin prices rise after Counter-Strike 2 announcement

The prices of many skins of weapons and loot boxes to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive shot up shortly after the reveal counter strike 2.

On March 22, Valve confirmed that Counter-Strike 2 was real and would be coming by the end of the year, sparking an unprecedented spike in popularity for the latest mainline installment in the long-running franchise.

More specifically, CS:GO broke its record for concurrent players on Steam within days of the sequel’s announcement and nearly a decade after its release.

While such a massive influx of new and returning players was always going to affect the in-game economy, recent activity on the Steam Community Market reveals some seriously crazy numbers stemming from this trend.

After Valve confirmed that CS:GO skins will carry over to Counter-Strike 2, prices for everything from weapon skins to stickers have gone up across the board. Many loot boxes, like Weapon Box 3, doubled in value overnight, based on hundreds of sales that now value them at around $5.50.

Additionally, dozens of individual skins, which previously sold for a few cents each, are now hovering around the dollar. One merchandise in particular that has seen an incredible increase in value since March 22, while still maintaining hundreds of daily sales, is Sticker Capsule 2, a loot box that debuted in 2014 and has multiple variants that are currently available. they are valued at more than $25, whereas a year ago they averaged a couple of cents per sale.

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