Find out if it’s possible to lose weight with just sex

Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson, Lívia Andrade and Kate Hudson are supporters of the sex. To lose calories and to lose weightconfessed to spending hours in this exercise which, it seems, works.

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Sex is good for losing weight and cannot be considered exercise, but physical activity

Brazilian model Carolina Lekker, who competed in August for Miss Bumbum 2022, shared adhering to the sex diet. To the Daily Mail, she said she lost 13 kilos by having five hours of sex at least four times a week. In addition to Carolina, other celebrities have already claimed to use this method. Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson, Livia Andrade and Kate Hudson.

Can sex really serve as exercise and burn so many calories? Physical activity is movement produced by muscles that causes energy expenditure above what we would have at rest. Like walking from bedroom to living room, cleaning, washing dishes, walking pets. Have sex.

On average, men burn 100 calories, women 70 during a 25-minute sexual activity. is what says study of the University of Montreal. But it varies from couple to couple. Age influences whether individuals are healthy and other conditions. But overall, yes, the research points to losing some good calories through sex. At the same time, sex is a physiological need for mental and physical well-being. But it only works as a complement to an active and healthy life.

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