‘I will make videos on OnlyFans TV’: Amouranth affirms that he will create different content for the adult portal

Amouranthwho is in the Ibai Year 3 Soiree as one of the fighters who will step into the ring, has announced that he will work with onlyfans to create non-erotic content. The streamer, who has made a lot of money on the adult platform, has stated that it wants to create videos and content for all audiences through the free version of the portal in a new line of business.

Amouranth wants to open up in OnlyFans to new content: she wants to be less erotic and produce new videos for all audiences

Amouranth, who generates and produces a lot of content on Twitch and claims to have made hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Amazon portal thanks to trends like the hot tub or your game streams like Overwatch 2has another very successful business model in onlyfansthe adult portal that has managed to bill millions of dollars since the start of the pandemic. Amouranth turned to this platformwith more explicit videos or images than those on Twitch, but now you have another idea.

A few months ago, OnlyFans released a friendlier version for all audiences, OnlyFansTV, a free video platform in which nudity is not allowed and in which the content is not monetized in the same way as in the classic portal. Now we know that Amouranth has been signed to create content for OnlyFansTV, looking to keep the creators connected with their respective communities, trying to do the same thing that Twitch does at the moment.

It is a much more lucrative platform

The idea of ​​those responsible for the portal is that the big sports stars, the world of food and cooking, music and film artists, manage to keep thousands or millions of subscribers on this platform, which tries to be more than just a website. of subscription pornography. As he has declared to Essentially SportsAmouranth is one of the big stars who have already said sa this new way of business. “I’ve been working on other projects with OnlyFans. They want me to make videos for their production, OnlyFansTV”Kaitlyn Syracuse has remarked.

“It’s like YouTube, but in a more secure version. It’s interesting, because I think it’s much more lucrative than any other platform”, add. In other words, Amouranth wants to do what he does on Twitch but on a new portal, in order to diversify its content based on the audiences focused on these different streaming sites. Amouranth, who managed to stop one of his stalkers, continues to seek how to take advantage of his image in different formats, forms and ways.

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