Internet, fashion and consumption: the cosmetics market and the involvement with Generation Z

The cosmetics market has always adapted according to its phases and times of culture. This year reached Brazil by Sephora the famous product lines of the brand Kylie JennerThe Kylie Cosmetics It is Kylie Skin. And what is the impact and relationship of this with the cosmetics industry with Generation Zwhich is fully connected with social networks and their digital influencers?

In the year 2015, when kylie launched its first products, saw sales sell out in just 1 minute of sales – 5,000 units.

Since then, the young businesswoman and digital influencer has invested in the cosmetics and beauty market, becoming a reference for new brands and tracing Tendencies among young consumers.

Newly arrived at Brazil, the brand was well received and offers 20 makeup and skincare products. The CEO of Sephora, Andrea Orcioli, see the line with good eyes kylie among Brazilian consumers, stating: “The arrival of Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin products is in line with the expectations and desires of generation z”.

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The influence and power that the internet provides

There is no way to talk about generation z not to mention the internet and the influence of celebrities in certain products of the most diverse styles. Kylie Jenner, for example, collects more than 300 million followers on his Instagram.

Anyone who accompanies him has already noticed all the promotion of his own brand in day-to-day activities and publications, making the products better known and setting trends among his audience.

besides the Instagram, another medium is highly active among young people in generation zwhich is the TikTok. Known for containing short videos on any subject, the network allowed for a greater transfer of information about products, with tests, evaluations and important disclosures for brands.

According to a study by the social network itself, released by El País in 2021, of all users, 52% said that the TikTok it’s a great way to discover new products. While 56% said that the network helps to decide future purchases.

Preferences for sustainable cosmetics and fashionistas

The audience of generation Z is very interested in vintage aesthetics, with references from the 2000s, in addition to being attracted to products and brands that are linked to sustainability with innovative ideas, which have a great reach and engagement in the great universe of social media fingerprints.

It is no coincidence that the products of kylie are a success, in addition to influence as one of the most followed celebrities on the internet, the brand Kylie Skin offers products that meet the ideals of zennials, not only for aesthetics, but also for being products not tested on animals, vegan, gluten, parabens and sulfates.

All this makes it attractive to consumers, who are increasingly looking for sustainable products and a variety of shades, colors and styles to suit any occasion.

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Profile of a Zoomer consumer

According to a 2020 report by the Pew Research CenterThe generation Z (born between the late 1990s and 2010) is the generation with the most ethnic diversity, being more discerning in relation to the purchase of products, mainly in relation to their own identity.

The same report states that people of this generation prioritize much more mental health It is quality of lifehaving a different view of economics.

Therefore, it is important for cosmetic and skin care brands to adapt to these new forms of consumption in order to keep the market and the industry active, in parallel with the cultural transformations in society.

Sales Expectations and Sales Impact at Sephora

Going back to talking about Kylie, the businesswoman is happy with the products on sale at Sephora for Brazilians and said in an interview with Vogue Brasil: “The Brazilian cosmetics market is one of the biggest in the world and my fans from Brazil had been asking for the makeup line for years. I can’t wait for everyone to try out my collection. I created the skincare line because my skincare routine was always asked for – and prepping the skin really is the key to great makeup – so I’m looking forward to launching the two brands together for my Brazilian fans”.

The next steps with the novelty is to check out the development and increase in sales, managed and offered exclusively by the Sephora Company. The changes promise, with large companies developing new forms of products, to cover a whole new generation.

*Per Giovanni Witzler

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