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By applying these spells to your team you will last longer alive and you will maximize your efficiency when collecting resources.

One of Microsoft’s great flagships, Minecraft, is probably the game that has grown the fastest in recent decades and has a loyal user base like few others. It doesn’t matter if they go out new versions of the game for other platforms, the base game remains one of the Game Pass heavyweights and it does not seem that it is going to stop joining its ranks in terms of players.

It should also be noted that, despite its graphic simplicity, its gameplay is one of the widest and most diverse, and there are many tricks or secrets that the Mojang game hides, not to mention The difficulty in advanced stages of the game. Hence, I want to explain in this post what are the best enchantments for your armor and tools in the game.

How to make the best enchantments

Before we begin, we are going to need a table of enchantments with which to perform them on our pieces of equipment. And the main ingredient is not easy to obtain: obsidian. This type of material can only be found at great depths in areas close to lava. More important still is the fact that you will need a diamond pick to be able to extract it.

The manufacturing from the enchantment table will require of:




Position in the scheme (Row – Column)







obsidian block


2-2 / 3-1 / 3-2 / 3-3

Now that we have the enchantment table, we can begin to tinker with our team. However, we are still missing an ingredient as a catalyst: lapis lazuli. It can be found in the levels 17 to 19, and will allow us to enchant objects. The problem is that the options that the table will give us they are random, and if we choose one, it is not possible to undo them unless we have additional tools (we will see them below). It’s also important to remember that an item can only have one enchantment initially. If you like apply severalyou can use the books or combine two equal objects who are enchanted with the anvil.

It is also important to point out that the quality of the enchantments that we perform will vary depending on our level and the libraries that we have around us when it comes to empowering these enchantments. It is important that we set the table with enough space so we can add said libraries and have our spells maxed out in level to be more effective.

Better enchantments for your armor

Among all the enchantments available in the game, the following list includes the most important and greater efficiency to go through the endless mapping of the game and survive to a wide variety of situations:

  • Helmet: The Oxygen and Aquatic Affinity enchantment will allow you to move more easily through bodies of water and you will not drown. Of course, it’s useful to try adding Protection to make sure the damage coming at you from any source is less.
  • Overalls: The Thorns is very useful if you are overwhelmed by a huge number of enemies, since it will “bounce” part of the direct or melee damage that the enemies can do to you. Again, to prevent some of that damage from getting to you, try applying another Protection enchantment.
  • Pants: This piece is fairly simple and doesn’t require a lot of enchantment mods. If anything I would recommend Protection to further mitigate any incoming damage to your character.
  • Boots: The best enchantment (besides Protection, which you can already see is essential for your armor) is Feather Fall. This will allow you to survive high altitude falls without taking (too much) damage.

Better enchantments for your team in general

Of course, we can not only enchant the protection that we carry with us; our tools of work and some weapons like the sword They can benefit from the enchantments that we have, and these are the most recommended for what we usually use more often.

For the sword, it is best to try to apply Sharpness and Fiery Aspect. The first thing it does is do more damage to mobs (and players if you’re on a PvP server), while the latter will burn to the objectives that we hit with the sword. It is a very useful one in the world in general, but of little will serve us in the Nether. Finally, you could also try to apply Swagwhich will improve items dropped by enemies downed by the sword.

As for the rest of the tools, there is a combination that is essential To maximize your gathering efficiency: Efficiency and Fortune. With efficiency, we’ll mine faster with our pick and shovel, and axes get a probability increase to stun or stagger a shield stun a shield (25% of base that increases a 5% for each level). As for the Fortune enchantment, it is the equivalent of Loot for our sword, only applied to the breaking of blocks; I mean, more items dropped by the block that we have broken with our tools.

Additional Tips on Enchantments

To get the most out of enchantments, you should also have some additional items, which in addition to improving what you can enchant, also serve to ”disenchant” that to which you have applied spells and you are not convinced, or you want to try other more powerful ones when leveling up.

As I have mentioned before, the anvil is one of the most important. For now, it’s the best way to combine the enchantments of two objects, even if this implies the sacrifice of one of them and the repair of another, apart from the fact that they must be compatible in type and material. The combinations that we make in it could also grant us new books of enchantments. Keep in mind that performing some actions on the anvil will cost you some of your experience, so be judicious when using it.

The other way of clear enchantments of a weapon is to use the sharpener. With it, we will remove all enchantments (with the exception of Curse of Binding or Disappearance), and it will return experience to us according to the level of the enchantments and the value they had. Alternatively, we can repair the objects through the manufacturing grid to ”reset” his magical status.

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