Pokémon GO: How to beat Giovanni and get Dark Regice – Best counters

this past weekend Giovannihe Team GO Rocket Boss, has renewed his team in Pokémon GO via special research that has been added to the mobile game via a new Takeover event. If you haven’t had a chance to complete it yet, you still can. until the end of the current seasonboth in Spain and around the world.

Giovanni currently has on his team a dark regice and, of course, in this news we are going to show you what are the rest of the Pokémon that make up his team and the best counters so you know exactly how you can defeat him the most easily possible.

How to find Giovanni?

He procedure to find a Giovanni currently in Pokémon GO is related as always with Team GO Rocket Leaders and, in this case, the new special investigation entitled From the Shadows. This research is available to activate in your journal since last Saturday March 25, 2023 yes you are level 8 of Trainer at least and if you have already completed previously the A Concerning Situation investigation (and any other Team GO Rocket investigations you still have going on).

In broad strokes and in summary This is what you must take into account to find Giovanni:

  • Get the Super Radar Rocket: You will get this special item as a reward during phase 3 of the special research From the Shadows.
  • Look for Giovanni: with the Super Radar Rocket equipped you will have to search for Giovanni by the different marked locations around you (note that the Super Radar does not work between 22:00 and 06:00 local time).
  • Beware of fake Giovanni: There will be Team GO Rocket recruits at different PokéStops and flying balloons that will pose as Giovanni, making it difficult for you to find the real one.

Once you have found the real Giovanni, you will be able to face him and if you manage to defeat him you will have as rewards a guaranteed encounter with his Dark Regice.

Best counters to defeat Giovanni

It must be taken into account that Giovanni has extremely powerful pokemon on your team. As on previous occasions, his team make up three pokemon. Firstly he will always use Persian and thirdly, right now, Dark Regice. Meanwhile, your second option can vary between several possible Pokémon.

These are the best counters that you can use against Giovanni’s current team in the month of March 2023.

Giovanni’s First Pokémon: Persian

Persian is a Pokémon that has usually been closely linked to Giovanni, that’s why the boss will always take it out as the first matchup. Luckily it won’t make things too difficult for you.

  • Some of the best counters against Persian are the following: Lucario, Buzzwole, Galar Zapdos, Machamp, Hariyama or Tyranitar.
  • Remember that in general: A very defensive Pokémon is good.

Giovanni’s Second Pokémon

Giovanni’s second Pokémon is one different in each meeting, although the possibilities are usually limited to three or two different and possible per month or event. On this occasion, as part of the investigation From the Shadows, Giovanni is using Nidoking, Kingdra, or Kingler as a second Pokémonso these are the best counters against them based on which one they randomly use in your fight.

  • Best counters against Nidoking: Ideally, use Ground, Water, Psychic, or Ice-type Pokémon such as Hoopa (Unleashed), Galar Darmanitan, Mewtwo, Deoxys Attack, Alakazam, or Espeon.
  • Best counters against Kingdra: Ideally, use Dragon- and Fairy-type Pokémon such as Mega Salamence, Mega Gardevoir, Mega Latios, Palkia, Dragonite, or Primal Groundon.
  • Best counters against Kingler: Ideally, use Grass- or Electric-type Pokémon such as Electivire, Roserade, Magnezone, Chesnaught, Luxray, or Venusaur.

Giovanni’s Third Pokémon: Dark Regice

In third place Giovanni currently has dark regice until June 2023. This third-generation legendary Pokémon is an Ice type and has 474 attack, 190 defense, and 160 HP among its attributes. Obviously the best picks against Dark Regice will be Fighting, Rock, Steel, and Fire-type Pokémon and moves.

The following are the best recommendations or counters for defeat Dark Regice:

  • Solgaleo: Fire Spin and Psycho Fang.
  • Mega Gengar: Shadow Claw and Shadow Fist.
  • Buzzwole: Counterattack and Increase Punch.
  • Primal Groudon: Mud Shot and Fire Punch.
  • Mega Scizor: Bullet Fist and Scissors X.
  • Cobalion: Double Kick and Holy Sword.
  • Jirachi: Lightning Charge and Hidden Desire.
  • Primal Kyogre: Waterfall and Surf.
  • Mega Charizard Y: Embers and Dragon Claw.
  • Terrakion: Double Kick and Holy Sword.

Pokémon GO is available free for Android and iOS since 2016. If you want to know more details about the title, you can consult our complete guide with tips and tricks.

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