Street Fighter Pro Player generates debate saying that Chileans are doing badly in LoL internationally, but the FGC has had world champions

Sometimes, on social networks, some memes go viral. Although many try to participate in them by being funny and looking to get a smile, on some occasions they leave behind truths that, on the contrary, can bother a group of people accidentally or intentional.

This is what is happening with a dynamic on Twitter, where the community is asked to respond or quote a tweet with an image of the protagonist of the animated film Rapunzel being pointed by several swords, saying “an opinion on the League of Legends that can leave you like this.”

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This occasion has been used for the release of various video game fans, such as the Chilean Street Fighter pro player Younghou, who recently qualified for the Capcom Cup and who answering He said to the tweet: “The pro players of Lol Chilenos are bad, they lack discipline and grit. The Chilean FGC with fewer resources has gone about 10 times further… COBRAAAAAAAA.”

Phrase that has obviously generated a debate and several answers, such as someone who asks him to “Name please if not, the lore is not worth it XD”, to which again being direct he answers that “THEY ARE ALL BAD QLS”.

A similar response that he gave when he was told not to compare “a solitary game with a team game” and that “it is a problem of the Latin American mentality, not only in esports, in all sports competitions there are many more achievements in solo games than in team games.” . Latam does not know how to work together”. Mention to which Younghou responded by saying, “Pure OS, excuses, and mediocrity. Teamwork is worked the same as any competitive field, it is not an excuse to justify bad results. THEY ARE BAD END”.

Statements that will surely continue to generate more responses against or in favor, such as those who indicate that their tweet is “Basadísimo hmno” or those who only quote it by leaving a gif that says “facts!” (facts in English)

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