The RTX 4090 sweats to reach 500 FPS in Counter-Strike 2, although many of us have plenty

It is clear, seeing how Counter-Strike 2 looks, that Valve wants to continue betting on that style of shooter low resources very friendly to newbies and able to work on almost any system. Source 2 is a reality and it looks great, but CS2 does not seek to go further, although the RTX 4090 sweats with the game if we want to do it run at 400+ FPS.

Yes, for many that rate of images per second is more than enough, but as PCGamesN advances, there are many monitors capable of reaching 500 FPS. According to well-known content creator Shroud, who has run the shooter from Valve with this very high range from NVIDIA, the FPS have fluctuated between 200 and 400.

The PC in question uses an RTX 4090, an i9-13900K processor and 64 GB of RAM, so we are not talking about a system short on resources. In fact, CSGO has already been benchmarked to see how many FPS could be achieved, and it has far exceeded the aforementioned rate.

And it is that this type of monitors are very clearly focused on the world of online competition, eSports and in general any game where skill is in the background compared to speed. Even so, two factors must be taken into account: first, we are talking about a version of early access from CS2; on the other, the game engine is a more sophisticated one and reaching important rates in CSGO is much easier with a 20 year old engine.

Be that as it may, the game still has a lot to say. He official release of Counter-Strike 2 will not arrive until summer of this same year. From now until then, the game will see this beta and, hopefully, some more early access tests to polish the release.

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