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In a show of disrespect and unprofessionalism, Canadian rapper canceled performance at Lollapalooza on the day of the event

This Sunday (27/3), during the repercussions of the cancellation of Drake’s show at Lollapalooza, reported exclusively by this space, a speech stood out amidst the shows at the Interlagos racetrack. In the midst of his presentation, Brazilian rapper L7NNON said loud and clear that Brazilian artists deserve more value. The opinion is clear and reflects the need of the Brazilian public and, mainly, of the big festivals, to value more the music that is produced here.

There are not few reports of Brazilian artists who complain about the treatment that the big festivals, such as Lollapalooza and Rock in Rio, offer to those who produce Brazilian music. On the other hand, it is at these same events that international artists are treated like kings, having absurd demands met and delays and low quality shows tolerated.


L7nnon and Drake
Naldo and Drake


Let’s go back to Rock in Rio 2022. Apart from the controversy surrounding whether or not Justin Bieber’s show will take place, also reported exclusively by this space, international artists, in general, were respectful and put on shows that pleased the public. However, which shows turned out to be the most memorable? The Brazilians. Ludmilla, Maria Rita, Racionais MC’s, Jão, among others, were the ones that most excited the audience. But most importantly, everyone was grateful to be onstage, grateful for the audience, and grateful for the power their music has to impact people’s lives.

The same happened with performances by Brazilians at Lollapalooza this year, as was the case with Ludmilla herself, the aforementioned Rapper L7NNON, and others such as Pedro Sampaio, Pitty and Paralamas do Sucesso. Of course, we cannot ignore that they are proposals from different festivals, but, in essence, things are repeated: Brazilians are used to “fill” the lineup, receive less, give more and end up, many times, exciting the public more .

Evidently, the vast majority of international artists are respectful of the Brazilian public, but we cannot ignore that they always prioritize repeating the same repertoires from their touring shows. And there is not necessarily a problem with that, since, evidently, the routine of concerts performed all over the world prevent these artists from seeking customizations aimed at Brazilians. But, let’s look at it from a commercial point of view, is it fair for international artists to earn more than Brazilians and receive different treatment?

If we look at the TOP50 of Spotify Brazil on the present date, the best thermometer to measure what the Brazilian public has been listening to the most lately, none of the 50 most played tracks belong to international artists. It is living proof that Brazilians listen to Brazilian music. It is clear that this space understands that the proposal of Rock in Rio and Lollapalooza is to attract great international stars to the country. However, why is their presence so overrated, even knowing that our artists have a greater impact on the general public?

It’s not just Drake’s cancellation that should set contractors on fire. Over the last few weeks, many artists have canceled their performances at the festival, such as Willow and Blink-182. The disrespect of these artists, and the success of Brazilians at major festivals is clear proof that a change of mindset on the part of the organizers of these events is necessary: ​​it is necessary to abandon the “mutt complex” and understand that Brazilians are just as more capable of raising audiences for these events.

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