Do not expect news about the League of Legends fighting game at EVO 2023, although its creators make up for the absence with a promise – Riot Games Project L (LoL fight)

Riot Games is slow in development because they announced Project L very soon, but they promise to share news throughout this 2023.

It is well known that the universe created by Riot Games through League of Legends goes a long way, which is why the company surprised us with the announcement of various initiatives, including Project La fight title which, compared to other projects of the company, has not delved much into its details. Its creators are aware that the public is eager to know more about the experience and, although they are forced to miss one of the most important annual events of the genre, they have several news to share.

Tom Cannon confirmed there will NOT be a Project L update around Evo Japan. Still very much a WIP. It was announced earlier than most FG’s to get feedback.

This is how Tom Cannon, senior director and executive producer of Project L, comments through some Discord messages shared by the user VADORANT via Reddit: “I can also confirm that there will be no updates around the EVO Japan. So don’t wreck that F5. Without saying the size of the team, I can say that I’m incredibly happy with the talent we have, and we’re still hiring.” It should be remembered that this event is usually a perfect preview of upcoming fighting games, so we are not surprised to learn that the Riot Games fans were waiting for news about Project L during the celebration of the event.

However, we have good reason to keep a close eye on developer movements. “We will have more news this year. The team is working hard… But we are serious when we say that the game is very much in progress”, continues the professional on Discord. “We shared this much earlier than any other fighting game, but it is because we really we value the feedback we receive of each update”.

Other projects based on the League of Legends universe

In this way, we have no choice but to wait for Riot Games to surprise us with unpublished details of its enigmatic Project L. Luckily, we can say that the company has been working on initiatives that move away from its iconic MOBA for a long time, as it is important remember that Ruined King is already available and Sylas in The Mageseeker is buzzing the audience with news about its action RPG mechanics, to name a couple of brand-related examples.

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