Free show takes a frantic Cinderella to the theater

to revisit Cinderella without falling into the sameness and at the same time keeping the story of this classic fairy tale, the director Isser Korik chose to preserve the content and work with the format and language. The show opens from april 1stsaturday, at Oswald de Andrade Cultural Workshop, and promises to surprise for its theatricality. On stage, two actors play eleven characters. Ian Soffredini It is Michelle Zampieri, in a dynamic rhythm, enter and leave the stage, like a beautiful and delicate girl, like a good-natured king, like fragile mice, like hags, like a prince, like a fairy, and so on. The agility of the duo provokes surprise and delights the public.

To compose their characters, the actors make use of voice changes and a refined body language, the result of a deep study and technical preparation. The emphasis on the composition of actors for each character and their technical preparation is the key to the show. Having only two actors on the scene is dynamic. This awakens the curiosity of children”, believes Is ser. The rapid changes of roles and the skill of the actors in the composition of the characters surprise young and adult audiences.

The children follow the transformations of the actors and are rightly hooked and enchanted by them. From the second scene, however, no one remembers that the cast is made up of just two people, as they watch Michele and Ian multiply on stage. The agile coming and going of many characters demands from the actors a vast repertoire of voices, body language, manners and mannerisms that give the grace and differential of each figure on the scene. Precision in changing costumes is fundamental to print with quality the speed required by the director in the montage.

Michele Zampieri explains that it takes “skill and care when incarnating and disembodying roles so as not to confuse the spectator”. Ian adds that this change means “an energetic shift, not just a costume change.” To compose the various types interpreted, Ian Soffredini sought personal references, appropriating characteristics of friends and family. “Local accents also inspired the creation of the various roles, such as the typical way of speaking of people from São Paulo who live in Higienópolis and Bom Retiro.

The challenge of playing multiple characters is that each one has their own pace, their own way of thinking and reacting. Bringing these nuances from each is our challenge”, says Ian. Michele says that she played with references collected in her performance as a dubbing artist, to compose her characters. “The biggest challenge was expanding all of that and dressing the character with the agility to quickly change voice and physique of each type, as well as keeping them unique and faithful until the next switch.”

It is worth mentioning the modern touch in the staging. An example is the spoiled Anastasia, Cinderella’s step sister, who has a boring way of expressing herself, using typical adolescent terms, in a caricatured way. Such aspects make this Cinderela a unique show: subtle, dynamic and very humorous.


Isser Korik – Director, actor, producer, translator and playwright, he collects outstanding works as a comedian in his 37-year career. Among them, “Vacalhau & Binho”, by Zé Fidélis, which ran for eight years; “The Day They Kidnapped the Pope”, by João Bethencourt;, “Gone with the Wind”, by Ron Hutchinson, “Every Maiden Has a Father Who Is a Beast”, by Gláucio Gill and “Divorce!”, by Franz Kepler and Otavio Martins.

As a director, he stands out in comedy and humor. He conceived “Nunca se Saturday…”, presented for four seasons under his general direction, which marked the São Paulo scene. He directed Ken Davenport’s hit My First Time; Alan Ayckbourn’s comic trilogy “Meanwhile…”; “The Suitcase”, by Larry Shue; the project “Te Amo, São Paulo”, which brought together great names in the dramaturgy of São Paulo, “O Loan” by Jordi Galceran, “Que Tal Nós Dois?” by Otávio Martins and Juliana Araripe, “Jogo Aberto” by Jeff Gould; in addition to the children’s “The Little Mermaid”, by Fábio Brandi Torres; “Big Little Ones”, by Jair Oliveira; “O Grande Inimigo” and “Ele é Fogo!”, of his authorship, having received the APCA Award for the latter. He is the artistic director of the Teatral Content.


Ian Soffredini – Actor, director, playwright and theatrical producer, Ian Soffredini has been active in the theatrical field since 2006, participating in more than forty theatrical productions presented in several states of the country. Among them: Revistando 2006 (by Mário Viana and Fábio Torres), Minha Nossa! (by Carlos Alberto Soffredini), Never Se Saturday (by Mário Viana, Fábio Torres, Luiz Henrique Romagnolli, Laert Sarrumor and Isser Korik), My First Time (by Ken Davenport), Cyrano de Bergerac (by Edmond Rostand), and Bela Asleep (by Fábio Brandi Torres). He performed in England in the shows “Further then the Furtherest Thing” and “Gut Girls”. deepening their knowledge in the area in several courses such as the Academy of Creative Training, in Brighton, Academy of Live and Recorded Arts and Arts Educational School London, in London; whereby he was accredited as an actor by City University London. He also specialized in Improvisation Theater. In 2012, he directed and idealized a long-form research that gave rise to the play “Espontânea” (one of the first Impro shows in the long format to be staged in the country), running from 2012 to 2015; he directed, together with the improviser Allan Benatti, the show “Batalha de Improviso” that circulated through several cities in the State of São Paulo; created the show “Humor a 1000” with a group formed from a workshop given by him in the city of Campinas with circulation in São Paulo and Minas Gerais; participated as a guest actor in relevant projects of the genre such as “Carteado de Improvisação Teatral” by the Minas Gerais group “Impria Cia. De Teatro”, “Super Impro” by the Brasilian group “E Agora?” and “Resta 1” from the Curitiba group “Antropofocus” in partnership with Daniel Nascimento from the São Paulo group “Barbixa´s”, among others. He is the curator of “Improvisorama”, an improvisation festival that brings together the main groups of the genre in Brazil and abroad since 2014. In 2017 he produced the show “Rompante!” where he acted under the direction of Rhena de Faria. He also directed and composed the cast of the improvised show “Não tem Cícara”. In 2018, he carried out the project Mostra Espontânea, where he directed the shows "Har oldo” (American format created by Del Close), Script (format based on Latin American research of Dramaturgical Improvisation) and #sigodevolta (format based on authorial research using social networks as a trigger for improvisations). In 2019, he directed his first children’s film “O Pequeno Príncipe”, with great success with the public and critics. During the Covid 19 pandemic, he directed the online show “Novo e Normal”, which was presented in the ‘on line’ format, staged by Sérgio Mamberti, Suely Franco, Samara Felippo, Elídio Sanna, Tânia Khalill, Jair Oliveira, Paloma Bernardi and Julia Alves. In 2022 he wrote and directed the children’s “Histórias de Tia Nastácia”. He is permanent director of the groups “Teatros dos Sonhos” and “Jogo da Cena”.

Michelle Zampieri – Actress, singer and dubbing artist with a solid track record of 14 years in dubbing studios and almost 20 years on the theater stage. Graduated from Escola de Atores Wolf Maya, in São Paulo, she worked in the plays “Nos Embalos da Jovem Guarda Show”, by Marllos Silva; “Carlos Gomes – Wild Blood”, by José Renato; “Curto Circuito”, by Pablo Diego and “The Sleeping Beauty”. She participated in the musical “Cocoricó”, by Chaim Produções and TV Cultura and has a long list of voice works, the Disney Princess & ldq uo;Elena de Avalor”, is one of her main roles in dubbing, several animes, such as Dragon Ball, renowned cartoons such as “Monster High”, Disney series such as “Sou Luna” dubbing the iconic Jazmín and, on the more adult and dramatic side, dubbed renowned actresses such as Natalie Portman, Rooney Mara, in addition to several international telenovelas adapted to Brazil.

SERVICE – Oswald de Andrade Cultural Workshop
Rua Três Rios, 363 – Bom Retiro, São Paulo – close to Tiradentes Subway Station phone: (11) 3221-5558
Debut: April 1
Season: until 5/27
Introductions: Saturdays, 12:00 and 15:00
Extra presentations: Good Friday, 07/04 and Tiradentes, 21/4, 12h and 15h
Tickets: Free distributed 1 hour before the presentation

Capacity: 50 seats / Box office opening hours: Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 21:30 / Saturdays from 11:00 to 18:00 / Wheelchair access / Air conditioning / Sponsorship: 9th of July Hospital and Solomon and Zoppi

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