Globo exhibits “The Spectacular Spider-Man” at Temperature Maximum

“The spectacular Spider Man” is attraction of Maximum temperature this Sunday (26) at Globe. starring Andrew Garfield It is Emma Stoneproduction starts at 12:30 pm, right after the Esporte Espetacular program.

“Peter Parker is a shy, studious boy who was raised by his uncles, May and Ben. Investigating the disappearance of his parents, the young man visits Dr. Curt Connors at Oscorp, where he is bitten by a spider. After developing mysterious powers, Peter must deal with the repercussions of his uncle’s death and the beginning of his relationship with Gwen Stacy. Wearing Spider-Man’s uniform, he will face the villain Lizard, Connors’ dangerous alter ego.”says the film’s synopsis.

With direction of marc webb, the hero movie hit theaters in July 2012 and grossed over $757 million at the box office. In addition to Andrew Garfield and Stone, the production brings in the cast Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Campbell Scott, irrfan khan, martin sheen It is Sally Field.

After the screening of the feature, the broadcaster’s programming remains with the My Mom Cooks Better Than Yours and then with the The Masked Singer Brazil. Before one more participant is unmasked, the public will be able to follow the greatest musical successes in cinema in the program led by Ivete Sangalo.

“Ocean’s Thirteen and a New Secret” is the attraction of Cinemaço, which begins after the formation of the wall of Big Brother Brasil and the best moments of Lollapalooza. To access the full schedule, click here.

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