Lady Gaga appears kissing a woman during the recording of Joker 2

Lady Gaga recording Joker 2 and kissing a woman
Photo: Reproduction/Twitter – 03.27.2023

Lady Gaga recording Joker 2 and kissing a woman

Lady Gaga was filmed kissing a woman during the recording of Joker 2. The film, which is originally called “Joker: Folie à Deux”, has the singer playing Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn. Joker, a character played by Joaquin Phoenix.

In the images, which were recorded by those on the set and shared on the networks, people went into a frenzy after the pop diva was spotted kissing a woman.

However, since February, Joker fans have already had access to the recordings, while several new photos of Gaga on the set have since been revealed, such as a photo of the character wearing a red sweater, top with print and clown makeup, while in another, she wears a dark fur jacket with tights.

Now, the videos show Gaga walking up the stairs outside Manhattan Criminal Court and as she passes a woman holding a newspaper, which shows a photo of Harley Quinn on the front page with the headline “Crazy In Love”.

With that, the woman standing in the middle of a crowd on the steps appears to scream “you go to hell” as Gaga walks by. The actress then turns around, grabs the woman and pulls her in for a kiss. Some fans and Twitter lip readers believe Gaga responds to the woman with, “Now we’re both going to hell.”

Since Harley Quinn doesn’t appear in the first Joker movie, many are anticipating that “Folie à Deux” will focus on the relationship that blossoms between the Joker while he’s at Arkham Asylum and Harley Quinn, who starts out as his psychiatrist.

However, as known in the DC universe, villainous Harley Quinn is a bisexual legend, so the scene is likely an intentional reminder of her sexuality.

In 2020, Birds of Prey confirmed Quinn’s bisexuality, with Margot Robbie portraying the iconic character. Additionally, the HBO Max animated series “Harley Quinn” features the character in a relationship with Poison Ivy, also a DC villain.

Additionally, Gaga herself is also bisexual, having revealed in the past that she was “thinking about women” while writing her hit single “Poker Face.”

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