Playing more CS:GO will not increase your chances of getting into the Counter-Strike 2 beta

The game of the moment (with permission from devil 4 and its beta) is undoubtedly counter strike 2the new version of Valve’s eternal saga of shooting games that was announced last week and will arrive on our computers this summer.

Following the official announcement, Valve has also started a closed beta phase for Counter-Strike 2 to which it is inviting players based on various criteria among which are recent hours of play on the official servers of CS:GOsomething that is causing many players to start playing the current version of the shooter more than ever, which has reached a new record of active players last weekend.

However, the games that the players have been playing since last Tuesday are useless to have more chances of accessing the beta, something that many might have thought and that Valve itself has come out to clarify, pointing out that “the game time that counts is the one before the start of the limited trial“.

Therefore, games from now do not count towards gaining access to the beta of counter strike 2 and looking for a game and staying inactive is much less useful within it to try to add hours of play, something that in fact can negatively penalize the trust factor of the account, something that is taken into account when giving access to this trial version.

Counter-Strike 2 for summer

This summer it will be hot, we will eat a good ice cream and we can play counter-strike 2which will arrive as a free update for CS:GO that will completely change the game (yes, even its name) by adopting the new Source 2 engine and adding all kinds of improvements that we tell you about in this report.

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