Rioters are in no rush to nerf Zeri on a pro level

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Zeri is a champion that everyone is talking about lately. The reality is that this champion has gained great momentum to become one of the great coveted by all ADCs. Despite everything, where she stands out the most is professional level. The marksman has become a real headache for many players and almost always usually pick either banregardless of what is in front of you.

About this champion David Turley spoke «Phreak«. Through a comment on the subreddit from League of Legends, we can see how the Riot Games developer is clear on some points about Zeri. The first thing he made clear is that they have no intention of reducing the power of this champion at a professional level, At least in the short term. This means that, for the Mid-Season Invitational 2023 the electric marksman will continue to dominate bot lane.

Phreak makes it clear: They will not arrive nerfs about Zeri in the competitive ecosystem

As reflected statistics portalsat a professional level Zeri has a presence of 71% in the major leagues. The only champions that are more popular are Ashe and sejuani. «Right now, many ADCs have a presence close to the percentage of Zeri. For the first time, she is the one above the rest of the characters on the squad and it is clear that this is an important factor to nerf her.Phreak stated on Reddit.

But he also made it clear that this champion has never been in the top of shooters from the cast that we find in the MOBA. «It’s clear that Zeri has been a huge part of bot lane since she launched. However, it’s almost never been the dominant option for every player, at least not for every team to fight over it every game. It was during patch 13.5 when he first crossed 80% presencehe continued.

What is clear is that can not nerf to this champion for no reason, since after it another ADC will emerge that will take over and, consequently, the same problem will start again. «I think it’s more beneficial for pro players to find the solution themselves and find out for themselves which champions are strong right now.“, he finished.

We will see what happens, since the champion will be weakened in the patch 13.7. Most likely these nerfs be focused on Only Qso it will continue to be quite present in the competitive one.

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