That Ibai thinks about his retirement makes all the sense in the world

Over the past few months we have seen how many content creators have been very burned for his work after so many years doing the same. However, this time we are not talking about just anyone, but about nothing more and nothing less than Ibai Plains. He streamer Vasco is the great star of Twitch and the main face of the creation of Spanish-speaking content. But this could change in a short time if we listen to his words these last days.

“I have noticed that I have a limit, and I know this has an expiration date soon“; Ibai commented in one of his live shows. It seems that his facet as streamer is closer to its end and many people seem to be alarmed… But it is totally normal for it to withdraw.

Ibai has reached the top of the mountain in just over two years with records that none of us could imagine. Is he streamer of all Twitch with the most watched stream of all time, he has created a world cup of balloons out of nothing, he is the current president of the Kings League and last but not least, he owns koia team that in two years of life has managed to reach the LEC, the most important European League of Legends league today.

Seeing all the live shows, events and achievements that he has achieved in such a short time, it’s understandable that you need to stop. It’s not healthy to deal with all the stress that live shows, managing a team and creating events out of thin air can generate. Yes, it has many people behind which also does a great job, but it is still something that in the long run can leave you with many consequences.

If we look back, How many youtubers who uploaded videos on a regular basis are still at the foot of the canyon years later? There are people like Rubius or Outconsumer who continue with what they like the most, but there are many other cases of Youtube and Twitch that, like Ibai, reached the top and decided to stop to avoid problems in the coconut.

filthyfrank He couldn’t stand his character anymore and he opted for music; Loulogio he put aside his job as a content creator to focus more on what he had always dreamed of: being a comic book artist. Fernanfloo, Logan Paul, Hectorelcrack… there are many who have put aside their facet of streamer to focus on business.

However, This does not mean that he will retire completely. of the streaming. Most likely, his broadcasts will change to be more shows and events than daily broadcasts of him talking about his life. We don’t know what the future may hold for Ibai, but we are sure that he will try to make the healthiest decision for himself and those around him.

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