the official rosters of all EMEA teams

The biggest competition of Valorant at the continental level it has just opened its doors. A VTC 2023 that has already confirmed the ten complete templates that will be part of this new era in the Riot Games shooter.

For months some of these signings for the VCT 2023 EMEA Valorant such as Mixwell’s by Heretics and Koldamenta’s by KOI, although for more information the company itself has already shown all the complete rosters of each of the teams.

In this way they will be a total of 50 players divided into the 10 teams that will make up the competitionwith some proper names such as the aforementioned Mixwell or FIT1NHO among others.

Valorant rosters for VCT 2023

In this way, the league teams will open the doors of the competition with multiple teams known in Spain as KOI, Giants and Heretics, which will undoubtedly drag the entire national fanbase.

Also old acquaintances are the French squad Karmine Corp, which maintains a rivalry with the Ibai tents, or global giants such as Fnatic or Team Liquid, which will compete on our continent instead of playing in the American one where we were normally used to. through your team League of Legends.

  • koldamenta
  • Sheydos
  • trexx
  • wolfen
  • starxo
  • mixwell
  • Boo
  • AvovA
  • zeek
  • keloqz
  • fit1nho
  • rhyme
  • clouds
  • hoody
  • nukkye
  • Newzera
  • icebox
  • xms
  • Shin
  • Scream
  • booster
  • alfajer
  • derke
  • Leo
  • Chronicle
Natus Vincere
  • zyppan
  • Shao
  • cNed
  • ANGE1
BBL Esports
  • brave
  • QtionerX
  • AsLanM4shadowW
  • turkish
  • SouhcNi
FUT Esports
  • mojj
  • MrFaliN
  • woman
  • qRaxs
  • qw1
  • give in
  • destrian
  • twitsten
Team Liquid
  • jampi
  • soulcas
  • sayf
  • Redgar
  • nAts

We have two months of intense competition ahead of us, which will decide who is the first king after the transformation of the VCT, and who will represent the league in the Valorant Champions along with the rest of the teams.

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