They compare the graphics of CS:GO, Counter-Strike 2 and a version of CS… in Unreal Engine 5

Much has been said in recent weeks about Counter-Strike, firstly because of the rumors about the launch of counter strike 2 and, last week, with Valve’s confirmation of the game that will arrive on our computers next summer.

In fact, counter strike 2 It is already in closed beta and as we could imagine the comparisons have not been long in coming and one of the most curious is the one he has made CS:GO Memes YouTube Channel who has published a video in which compare the graphs of CS:GO and CS2 in different situations like firing a gun, throwing a molotov…

So far everything is quite normal but it is also that this channel has wanted to be a bit playful and add some sauce to the matter by adding a third “game” to the comparison, a remake of CS:GO on Unreal Engine 5 created by a fan that is not very playable to say (although it can be downloaded from here) but that we lets know what the shooter would look like if I made a 100% bet on improving its graphics (probably losing many players with humble teams who still enjoy the game):

What is Counter-Strike 2?

As for Counter-Strike 2 we can actually say that not a “new game” but a huge free update for CS:GO that will completely transform the game thanks to the Source 2 engine, improving all kinds of features such as the subtick, the smoke and, obviously, the graphics and sound as we tell you about in this report.

Also, some players can already enjoy the closed beta of the game that began last TuesdayAlthough there are few winners who have already been able to taste them since Valve is inviting players based on different factors such as their recent hours of play on official servers or the behavior of their accounts playing CS:GO.

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