Vult presents campaign with look-alikes of Rihanna and Beyoncé

As the release of the month of March, Vult relaunches its best sellerthe compact powder, now with SPF 90 and benefits such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. To announce the novelty, the brand launched an advertising film alongside the Brazilian look-alikes of two pop music stars, Priscila Beatrice, who became known for her her resemblance to singer Rihanna, and Juh Machado, Beyoncé’s look-alike.

For Priscila Beatrice, the experience of being in a campaign for a beauty brand like Vult is incredible.

“For me it’s been wonderful, a dream come true, because through my influence I can be a reference for several black women, a reference for women to be able to empower themselves more. And I’m loving this one vibe, loving being in that area of ​​beauty. I would never have imagined that I would have so many followers, so many people following me and liking my work and somehow having me as a reference, so I try to use that in a positive way to try to change something in people’s lives, you know? And encourage black women to love themselves and see that they are queens, put on and show off their crowns. It’s been incredible, an unparalleled accomplishment,” says the influencer.

In the video, the two appear in a super meeting of divas and star in amusing scenes, where they make reference to the two celebrities and present the new product, the Compact Powder SPF 90. The campaign also makes reference to the desire of pop music fans to have a feat between two of the greatest singers in the world.

Vult provides fans with the long-awaited meeting, thus being the feat of the year between two stars, and also the combination of two desires of consumers: the quality of compact powder with the benefit of sun protection and protection against blue light.

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