Will CS2 eclipse VALORANT? Dr Disrespect thinks about it

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On March 22, Valve introduced counter strike 2 (SS2). This was a complete revolution and the whole community erupted with joy. Of course, this announcement caused multiple content creators weighed in on it. And it is that everyone wants to see what the new FPS will offer us and how it will affect the scene of this type of video game, both casually and competitively.

Some say that the VALORANT scene could be in danger after the launch of this CS2. And Herschel Beahm IV spoke about this opinion that we have seen on social networks «Dr Disrespect«. The content creator is clear that at Riot Games they shouldn’t be worried, at least for now. You know that the release of CS2 will be a boom, but it will not end VALORANT at any time.

Dr Disrespect and his opinion on how CS2 will affect VALORANT

«If I were part of the VALORANT members I wouldn’t be afraid at all. Not to worry too much, you know?“said Dr Disrespect during the live. «CS:GO I could have done something incredible but it hasn’t been that bad either. The greatest example is that of smoke. Is it just a little new feature or are they kidding? Are they going to show us new features over the weeks?he continued.

For the content creator, CS2 won’t compete as strongly with VALORANT because it’s more of an update than a complete innovation.. Of course, Dr Disrespect also praised what is to come with the new from Valve. He believes that the upgrade to the smoke grenades was a necessary thing for the game. «It will not be something that destroys the game, but it’s a very cool feature they added and it will give a breath of fresh air to Counter-Strike“he confirmed.

At the moment we are at the time of the beta of the game. Several players are already testing everything that CS2 will offer and the assumptions are already being put on the table. «I am also very interested to see how it will affect the professional scene. It will be fun to watch“, he finished.

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