A high latency and low FPS problem has been affecting LoL for days

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Image Source: Riot Games

All video games, especially those that enjoy a system multiplayer, they usually suffer some other error. League of Legends (Lol) is no stranger to this type of bugs. What’s more, we usually find more than one error within the Riot Games MOBA. During the last few days, several players have encountered a bug whereby are more lag the usual in the video game.

It was on March 24 when Riot Tony published in the subreddit of LOL the possible reasons for this lag as well as random FPS drops. According to him riot, all these problems could be related to the users mouseas well as the configurations of the shaders and the limit of frames. «As recently discovered, those mice that have very high frequencies can cause the game to lag.“, he claimed riot tony.

What’s the matter with him lag in LoL?

At the moment they are not sure what the interaction is that causes these types of conflicts between the mouse and the latency of the game. What is clear is that higher refresh rate leads to bad behavior with Riot Games MOBA. «All shaders should be precompiled. However, these errors cause the files to load in the middle of the game, something that should not happen but is happening in several cases.“, they added from Riot.

At the moment, the developer is working to solve this problem. They have not yet offered a solution, but they hope to find it as soon as possible. Tony’s response has been forceful and remove any type of bottleneck that causes the game to suffer from FPS losses It is the most important thing to prevent the gaming experience from being desperate.

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