Oddie, jungler of Rainbow 7 spoke after the fall before 6K

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The Peruvian jungler hopes to turn the page and reach the final in Chile.Riot Press

Rainbow 7 fell to Six Karma 3-2 and must playAgainst the winner of INFINITY and Estral Esports to determine the last team that will be finalist of the Opening Tournament of the Latin American League of League of Legends (LLA). ESPN.com He was able to speak exclusively with Oddie and the R7 jungler left his impressions on the series.

The last game we took a risk. we could pick Aphelios, but we’re done picking Vayne. I think we made some mistakes and they got a little bit ahead with the fights in between. When they caught us in the baron, they did it and that cost us the whole game”, commented Oddie and added: “I can calmly say that we could have done a different draft or I played better, but I just they seized their opportunities. It was for anyone, it was a highly fought series and it was for them”.

Asked if the pressure in the mid was decisive in the series, he remarked: “Although the pressure in the mid was important, the pressure in the bot was more important. Practically, we were behind in all the games in the bot laneeither because the bot lane The enemy pushed before or because of the matchup and that made it difficult for us when looking for the objectives”.

Specifically speaking about the first two games, the jungler commented: “At all times we feel that we lost the games, that we did not manage the advantages. We give away two games and you can’t make any more mistakes when he does that. I don’t feel like the first two games were that much to their credit.”.

Thinking about aspects where R7 should step up for the next series, Oddie remarked: “Whether it’s Estral or INFINITY, we have to fix many things for next week and one is the draft. I also feel that we need to improve communication, which is not that there are many times, it is that there is not one in particular that says: ‘we are going to do this’. Sometimes it’s me, other times it’s someone else and sometimes nobody”.

I would like to play against INFINITYthere is another Peruvian there (SolidSnake) and I would not like to be the only Peruvian in the finals”, commented the jungler and finished: “In theory, for me, Estral should win, but INFINITY can throw one of those. We will have to see Estral’s mentality if he loses one or two games”.

Rainbow 7 has a second life and expects a rival for next week, where he will try to seal the pass to the LLA final and have a rematch against Six Karma on April 14 at Gamergy in Chile.

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