10 Films for those who like to think about DESTINATION

Situations we must face? Some order of the universe based on the steps in our daily lives? The word destiny has always been the subject of various speculations for the most curious minds. The world of cinema has already presented us with several characters who let themselves be carried away by this issue in the sense that each one should go through certain conflicts to reach other situations, other ways of thinking, which they could not even imagine. So, within this curious clipping, below 10 movies for those who like to think about destiny:


In the plot, we meet Sara (Laura Galán), a teenager who is frequently bullied by other girls in the area where she lives, even by a former friend with whom she was very close in the recent past. One day, after going swimming alone, in a kind of pool that she has on site, at a time when there is no one around, she ends up going through yet another embarrassing situation, having her clothes stolen and having to return home with what was not stolen. On this journey, her destiny will cross with a series of people and situations that will place her at the center of terrifying choices.

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I Wanna Dance With Somebody – The Whitney Houston Story

In the plot, we meet Whitney Elizabeth Houston (naomi ackie), a young woman born in New Jersey, who from an early age attended the church choir in the neighborhood where she lived with her mother Cissy by her side (Tamara Tunie). During a presentation in a modest bar, his destiny crosses with that of the influential in the music field Clive Davis (Stanley Tucci) with whom he soon signed his first professional contract. The beginning is already breathtaking and the success arrives in a meteoric way. Over time, we follow key moments in the protagonist’s life, her intimate relationship with her friend Robyn (Nafessa Williams), her troubled relationship with her father John Huston (Clarke Peters), her marriage to fellow singer Bobby Brown (Ashton Sanders) and his relapses into the universe of alcohol and drugs.

Between Two Dawns

In the plot, we meet Kadir (Mucahit Kocak), a young businessman who has been working in the family business since he finished his studies, a factory included in the textile industry. Everything was going well in the character’s life, he is even super in love with the future bride, until one day, during a business round via Skype, something happens at the factory. A serious accident with one of the employees leads the family to take actions that conflict with what Kadir thinks, mainly about the human and moral issue. Thus, we follow the following hours on the new path of life that fate has placed in front of the protagonist.

Haffman’s Destiny

In the plot, we meet the experienced Jewish jeweler Joseph Haffmann (Daniel Auteuil) who lives a life full of love and hard work with his family in Paris. He has an employee whom he has only known for a short time, François (Gilles Lellouche) who dreams of using his talent to provide a good life for his wife Blanche (Sara Giraudeau). Both dream of having children. During that time, in the early 1940s, the German occupation took place and Jews were persecuted on all sides. Seeking to find a way out of the situation, Haffman proposes to François that he take over the jewelry business and his house, so that after the war he can return to the true owner. However, Haffman cannot escape in time and will have to spend months with François and Blanche, only in an inverted position, a fact that will create deep conflicts in the lives of the three characters.


In the plot, we meet Palmer (Justin Timberlake), a former athlete on a college scholarship who ends up getting into a huge mess, getting arrested and spending a lot of time in prison. He returns to his grandmother’s house and thus seeks to restart his life. Parallel to this passing moment of his life, fate put Sam in his path (Ryder Allen), a young boy who lives with his drug-addicted mother Shelly (Juno Temple) on Palmer’s grandmother’s land. Gradually Palmer and Sam get closer and one tries to learn more from the other.


The reality that cannot be denied. Uruguay’s Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language Film years ago, alelí, which also had screenings at the 2019 edition of the Rio de Cinema Festival, presents us with a family full of obstacles in their relationships who have to decide on the fate of their beach house after the patriarch passes away. As the memories of that place are felt/revised in different ways and ways, the script seeks to present the viewer with an approach to mourning from the different perspectives of the three brothers at completely different moments in their lives. Written and directed by Leticia Jorge Romero and with the participation of the great actress Mirella Pascual (from the iconic film whiskey). Available on Netflix.

The White Tiger

In the plot, we meet a young man named Balram (Adarsh ​​Gourav) who was born in a small community on the outskirts of an Indian city. Without many opportunities (the ones that others take away from him), he dropped out of school early and doesn’t even know basic hygiene rules. But wanting to become someone in life, he embarks on a journey to the home of a multimillionaire where he manages to be Ashok’s driver (Rajkummar Rao). Time passes and many times, even though he is very dedicated, Balram is humiliated. But everything changes one day when a car accident happens, a fact that will make the protagonist open his eyes to the reality imposed on him and go after, whatever the cost, for a place in the sun.

Tribo Urbana Dance

In the plot, we meet a high-ranking employee of a large company named Fidel (Paco Leon) who fired hundreds of people and in the same week has his career practically ended, and ridiculed, for being caught in the act with the intern. On top of that, he decides to go look for his biological mother and ends up being run over, momentarily losing his memory. Thus, he ends up parachuting into her life, Virginia (Carmen Machi), his mother, who divides her time between hotel services, supporting the other two children and taking fun dance classes with her friends.

The Red Line of Fate

In the plot, we meet the stewardess Abril (Eugenia Suarez) who, during a flight, ends up falling in love with the dreamer and entrepreneur in the wine business Manuel (Benjamin Vicuña). After a mismatch on landing, a long hiatus passes but destiny wanted them to meet again, now, under different conditions, the two married and thus, choices will need to be made by these two soul mates.

Motti’s Awakening

In the plot, we meet the shy Motti Wolkenbruch (Joel Basman), an exemplary young man who dedicates himself to economics in the afternoon and in the morning helps his father with the accounts of the family business. From an Orthodox Jewish family, he faces life’s biggest obstacle when he falls in love with Laura (Noémie Schmidt), a college roommate who is not an Orthodox Jew and this will leave her mother and family on edge. But Motti, moved by that feeling so great that we have like love, wants to sail and be commander of his own destiny, nothing arranged.

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