Daniel Radcliffe had to wear a sling in Harry Potter scenes

Filming the Harry Potter franchise was a tough one for the cast – most notably for Daniel Radcliffe (Harry), Emma Watson (Hermione) and Rupert Grint (Ron). The protagonist’s interpreter even had to use a sling in some recordings of the saga.

In theaters, it is important to remember, the Harry Potter saga came to an end in 2011. However, the Wizarding Universe remains present in the pop culture canon. With the Fantastic Beasts films, the franchise maintains its hold on the fantasy world.

Harry Potter earned more than 7 billion dollars from the box office of the films alone. The saga also has a theme park and numerous licensed products.

We show below why Daniel Radcliffe had to wear a sling on the set of Harry Potter; check out!

Owl made Daniel Radcliffe wear a sling in Harry Potter scenes

Hedwig the owl is definitely the most iconic pet in the Harry Potter franchise. The snowy owl is a character in her own right, with feelings that, often, not even Harry can understand.

In the recordings of the franchise, however, the owl that “played” Hedwig made things much more difficult for Daniel Radcliffe.

In a chat with American presenter Ellen DeGeneres, the star revealed that, in the first films of the saga, he had to use a sling in all scenes with Hedwig.

Since the actor was still a child, he did not have enough strength to carry an adult owl in his arms for a long time.

To solve this problem, the Harry Potter production team bet on the magic of cinema.

“In those scenes, I wore a sling under the cape. My arm got too tired, and then they made this sling to keep it in the same position, without me having to do anything,” said the actor.

An adult snowy owl, like the one who played Hedwig in Harry Potter, weighs around 2 kilos.

In the recordings of the Harry Potter franchise, Daniel Radcliffe appeared with 7 different Hedwigs. And in this case, we’re only talking about real owls.

In some scenes of the saga, the owl was just a kind of puppet, manipulated by a stuntman. As for the action sequences, Hedwig was produced entirely using computer graphics.

Harry Potter’s faithful owl, it is worth remembering, dies at the beginning of The Deathly Hallows Part 1. The owl is murdered by an anonymous Death Eater in the “Battle of the 7 Potters”.

According to JK Rowling, Hedwig’s death represents Harry Potter’s “loss of innocence”.

You can watch all the movies in the Harry Potter franchise in the Brazilian catalog of HBO Max.

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