Elyoya explained the controversy with Nisqy and Hylissang

Elyoya reacted to the controversial video posted by MAD Lions in which you can see an argument between him and Nisqy.

Javier “elyoya» Prades Batalla, Spanish jungle from mad lionshe went out to put out the fire that was generated in networks, although in his own way, after the discussion that went viral between him and his partner Yasin “nisqy» Dinçer. Through his Twitch channel, he also made statements about Zdravets’ controversial comment “hylissang» Iliev Galabov, team support.

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MAD Lions went up in flames after the publication of a video about the team’s Winter Split with a lot of content from the team’s internals. In the final that the Spanish organization lost to G2 Esports, this confrontation between Elyoya and the other players took place, more precisely, between the second and third games when the team was 0-2 down in the best of five series (Bo5).

“It’s not playing too fast, I can’t keep up. And this is all because of how the game goes. I need to be permanently in all the lines controlling all the waves, I have no information, I can’t even farm, “explained Elyoya in relation to the errors of the game.

“You need a break. This is bullshit. I agree. What do you want me to say? I think you should rest a bit and take a walk because this is not right“Nisqy replied.

Users and personalities from the networks, above all the Spanish League of Legends community, came out in support of Elyoya. There were also those who were against his attitude. Although there are people who emphasize the normality that should be given to these interactions between high-performance competitive peers.

Elyoya criticized the attitudes of Nisqy and Hylissang

Elyoya responded to the controversy on his Twitch channel, which he later uploaded to YouTube. On the one hand, she sought to calm the waters. But at the same time he defended himself and criticized the attitudes of his companions.

He first criticized Mac, the MAD coach, for saying they were losing “by playing fast”, while he thought the game was fast, but they (MAD Lions) were “doing nothing”. That says that it was the first trigger of his anger.

“My tone has not been the best at any time,” confessed the man from Castellón. But he was not happy with Nisqy’s request for him to take a walk, which he thought was “a tremendous fucking piece of shit.” «I did it wrong, but he screwed up more. His purpose was not bad, but his ways were bad, “he opined.

After that episode there was a comment from Hylissang that appeared in the documentary and did not go unnoticed by the jungler “Elyoya thinks he has to do absolutely everything. And I think that she contributes much less because she is aware of everything. He cannot focus on himself », was what the Bulgarian said at the break in the final.

Elyoya agrees with Hylissang’s statements about his intention to “cover more roles” than his share. «The thing that I should stop focusing on others and focus on myself seems strange to me. If we are a team we all care about everyone and we are going to try to help each other.

Lastly, he explained that this happened two months ago and everything has already been resolved with the team. Although he clarified that “things could be better”, since they are doing very well in scrims but poorly in stage.

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