Fans want fight between Shakira and Clara Chía

Shakira continues to reap success with the songs he made about his separation from Gerard Pique, and on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 29, the singer hinted that she is not done with this ‘theme’ yet. She posted a selfie and in the caption wrote the word ‘chiaroscuro‘.

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The followers of the Colombian interpreter began to speculate that this is her next song about Gerard Piqué and his infidelity with Clara Chía, and that the song should be called like that, ‘chiaroscuro’. The debate was generated in the comments. One user commented that she used Clara’s last name in the word, so for him it clearly means another related topic.

“Chía, by Clara Chía?”. “We hate Chia”. “Clearly it’s a tip.” “Clara Chia get ready, there’s still a long way to go”. “She’s going to do it again!” “Theme Chiaroscuro, with whom this time?” were some of the comments.

Another explained that the photo she uploaded has everything to do with ‘chiaroscuro’, because in the same image she has light but looks like shadow too.

“Chiaroscuro, (from the Italian chiaro, “light” and scuro, “dark”), technique used in the visual arts to represent light and shadow when defining three-dimensional objects.”.

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“Shakira we get the reference, you look very serious”.

Others considered that the singer looked sad in the image and decided to lift her spirits:

“Shaki, you are the queen of Latin America”. “Goddess. Shakira has no comparison.”

Shakira It is bizarre were interviewed this week on the jimmy fallon, in New York, where they talked about the success of their song “BZRP Music Sessions Vol. 53”, and what the song represented for so many women who somehow saw their stories reflected in the lyrics.

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Shakira commented to Fallon that she did not expect such a surprising reaction around the world, and considers that the theme has become a kind of ‘anthem for women’.

“The thing with that song is that it has become something of an anthem for so many women. I had a very difficult year after my breakup. And writing that song was really important to me. It’s been a healthy way to channel my emotions,” she explained.

“This is a sisterhood of women who have been through the same things I have, who think like I do, who feel what I feel, who have had to put up with as much shit as I have,” she explained.

“I wrote the song for myself, but I also feel like it was made for so many women who also needed a forum and a voice to represent them,” she added.

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Shakira delivered the ‘dirty game’ of Gerard Pique in her most recent songs, but now she speaks for the first time about the very difficult moments she faced when she learned about the disloyalty of the father of her children, in a new interview that will air on Mexican television, where she sat down with journalist Enrique Acevedo.

The Colombian singer revealed in the conversation, her most vulnerable side, exposing how the separation affected her, messing with her insecurities.

Shakira claims that the betrayal she suffered ‘affected her idea of ​​love’, but she finally learned that she is enough and understood that she had this misconception that a man would complete her.

“I bought that story that a woman needs a man to complete herself, she needs a family… I also had that dream of having a family where the children have a father and mother under the same roof, but not every dream in life is fulfilled , and you find a way to make up for yourself in some way and I think that happened to me, with these two wonderful children who shower me with love every day,” said Shakira.

The artist assures that her songs, mainly the one she made with Bizarrap, Music Sessions #53, were an important help to free herself from pain and heal her heart, and at the same time managed to represent women who go through a similar situation.

“Through my songs I have always felt that I can, that I have a duty to use my voice and lend it to those who cannot speak. I realized that women are in a key moment for society… we are in a moment where the support we can receive from each other is very relevant”, she justified.

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The singer thanked Argentine producer Bizarrap for the opportunity to vent and ‘cure the pain’:

“I think someone had to take a picture of the day I worked on shoot 53 with Bizarrap, a before and after. I entered the studio one way and left another and it’s one of the things I’m most grateful to Biza for giving me this space, this opportunity to vent. And yes, it was a great relief, necessary also for my own healing, for my own recovery process”, said the interpreter.

She knows that the topic caused controversy, because not only did it expose Piqué’s betrayal, but it even involved her ex-mother-in-law.

In a moment of vulnerability, Shakira commented that she was always very emotionally dependent on her ex, but the pain he caused her only helped her to realize that she alone is enough.

The singer thanked the unconditional support of her followers for supporting her in this very difficult moment:

“When I was on the ground, and I was on the ground a long time, they gave me the strength and courage to get up and say, ‘I’m ready for the next round, let life come and show me what else is out there.’

Shakira also sent a message to Piqué’s girlfriend, Clara Chía:

“Madeleine Albright (former US Secretary of State) has a quote that I love, which says ‘there is a place in hell reserved for those women who don’t support others’. Yes, I fully agree,” he told Acevedo.

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