LoL: Does Losers Q exist?

A hacker used an exploit to win ranked matches with 9 non-existent players to see if Losers Q is real. Find out the truth here.

The League of Legends community has been talking about ranked queue matchmaking for a long time, stating that Losers Q is a fact, that is, that the matchmaking system sometimes places you with players who have just lost a game so that keep losing That’s why a programmer named Hawolt created an exploit or “hacked” the MOBA client to check if this was really true.

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«You can use a separate matchmaking instance to play soloq and get to rank 1 by playing with 9 non-existent players. Basically a free win every game» comments @hawolt and leaves the video of how he managed to play in a ranked queue only meeting the users he wanted.

Everyone thought that he did this to win his games, however, the truth is that the developer used the exploit to check if Losers Q was true and it turned out that it was not. “I have used this exploit together with some of my friends to prove the existence of Losers Q. The idea was that only we are available to match and if there are only 10 people the system is forced to group us. I hate to say it, but Losers Q doesn’t exist, the grouping is completely randomHawolt commented in a subsequent tweet.

Account used by hacker for Losers Q
Account used by the hacker

The programmer explains that they created multiple accounts with different win percentages and put them in the queue. If the Losers Q were true, there should be some repetition of certain teams or some similarities between the teams of the games and in truth it was not the case since according to Hawolt no matter what they have done, it seems to be just a random grouping without taking into account than if a user has recently lost or won. In conclusion, although there is no proof that confirms it 100%, the Losers Q does not exist.

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